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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Makeup and Lipcare

Today will be reviewing VOV Lipsticks. This was my very first buy from the VOV lipstick range, I've mostly used Revlon, Maybelline, Chambor and Lakme. Was a lil reluctant as my lips are already pigmented so don't prefer to experiment on 'em but decided to take this bold decision and trust me I'm not regretting it. So here they are lippies from VOV.

I personally loved the colours, texture and staying power but yeah they ain't too glossy so give a slight matt effect and with the summers advancing I would suggest a gloss or lipbalm. Now the best part is the price at Rs.80/- they are a great buy. Packaging is ok not too classy but yes I would love to buy some more. Also as I mentioned I've never used VOV products before as am very conscious about the cosmetics I use but this product did not cause me any side effects. The con being not all shades are available, also the price will vary and you won't find this product in the comfort of a renowned mall :P

A quick and inexpensive way to ex-foliate lips is to mix few granules of sugar in your moisturizer or cream and gently massage for 2-3 mins on ur lips and wipe off.

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