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Saturday, March 19, 2011


Hi beauties,
Would like to show you my latest haul... having a combination skin and summer setting it I always had a problem with my makeup, especially my foundation as it wipes off due to heat and perspiration, further more I have freckles and due to my irregular sleeping hours have dark under eye circles so am very conscious about 'em and hence the need of applying foundation on daily basis. Finally after being obsessed with finding the perfect foundation and concealer I bought MAC cosmetics.

1. Pro longwear concealer, which is a waterproof concealer that I use for undereye circles, a darker shade than my skin tone, NW35, Priced at INR 1000/-

2. Studio Fix Powder for a mild coverage, NC42 priced at INR 1600/-
For those who are new to MAC, am sure you guys will be a bit confused as to what exactly NC and NW stand for, no worries they simply mean Neutral Cool NC for those who have yellow undertones or wheatish skin where as NW means Neutral Warm which is for people who have Red/Pink undertones in their skin. Sometimes though like me you could use both to get required results.
Both the above mentioned products are fabulous and have given me great results, studio fix stays on for a long time and gives a matt effect with an even skin tone, so works well for my combination skin. I know they seem a lil heavy on the pocket but they are definitely worth it but make sure you select the right shade.
When it comes to makeup we, women do a lot of impulse buying and am sure most of us have bought stuff that we've regretted buying, so when you go to buy makeup make sure you try it on and check it out in different lighting as well as indoor and outdoors. I know it's so very hard to walk away when you've liked a particular product but trust me when after trying out various brands and their products and not succumbing to the temptation when you finally get the PERFECT makeup the euphoria one feels cannot be explained....just felt...so go ahead don't be afraid to try out different products and remember sales gals or SA's are not always right, so if u're not satisfied with the results don't splurge.....happy shopping!! :D

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