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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

YIPEEEEEE!! Finals here we come :D:D:D:D

It's past 3 in da night but i'm not remotely sleepy, just charged with excitement and i'm not the only one for sure :D ...India has crossed yet another hurdle and we are into the finals... Till that winning wicket all the streets of Pune were deserted but the loud roar of Bharat Mataki Jai!!! was enuff to signify we had won :) da streets were suddenly swarming with people with Titanga in their hands and chants of India!!! INDIA!!!! :):):):):):) It's hard to put into words the feelings of this Cricket crazy clan but as I mentioned before it is a Religion for us Indian's .... A religion that binds all of us together... big, small, young, old....it unites us all as only and only INDIANS!

Even as I write tears of joy are welling up in my eyes coz today no one was a stranger, we all cheered together, clapped together, jumped wid joy and gave a Hi-Five to anyone and everyone along da way... just few videos to share wid you all so u understand what I'm trying to say.... pardon me for the poor resolutions these were shot by my cellphone but again it's da joyous feeling that's infectious and just wanna spread it around :D ....gosh I just can't stop smiling :):):):):)

Finals around da corner.....Yeh Dil Mange More! Chak De India.... :D

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  1. Amazing....amazing....Bharat Mata ki Jai....Vande Matram.....INDIIIIAAAA.....INDIIIIAAAA....Jai Hind!