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Thursday, April 28, 2011


COLOURS, they're all around us, from the bright yellow rays of the rising sun to the various tints of blue in the wide spread sky, from the array of greens in your garden to the assortments of pinks in your makeup box, from the breath taking flight of a macaw to excited glide of trying your newest eyeshadow ahem ahem you beauties get the picture ;D

COLOURS.....from the beautiful flutter of a butterfly's wings to the colourful collection of your summer flip flops, from the unique flush of a toucan's beak to the medley of colours in tropical fruits.....

....from the splash of colours in Holi to the big bash of Diwali

COLOURS, they're an integral part of our lives...from hot to cold, from pastels to bold, from classy to funky, from delicate to chunky, you find 'em everywhere. They cheer us, they make us smile, they make us flush with anger, and they also makes us blush with pride. They enliven us, they enlighten us, in totality they define us. So folks thank the lord for we are the lucky ones who can see this very beauty that surrounds us...so which COLOUR did you pick today?? :D


  1. Such a lovely post Priya. My pick for day is BLUE. My favorite colour.

  2. Hey Eesha,
    Thanx for appreciating,so ur fav one is BLUE, lovely colour, soothing, majestic yet so humble. Take Care :)