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Friday, April 1, 2011

Makeup: Lakme Nine to Five Mascara

Hello Beauties,
Today will be reviewing Lakme nine to five mascara that I've been using for quite some time. A good buy, compared to Maybelling Define-A-Lash Maskara and Revlon Lash Fantasy Maskara I would definitely pick this one, having used the other two.
I'm using it pretty often for over 3mths now and the pros being till date, have not faced any problems like clumping or product drying out.With a sleek black packaging that's easy to carry around with your makeup stuff and stays put for a pretty long time.
Speaking about the cons it ain't easy to remove so you need a good remover, also it dose not give a very dramatic effect with thick long lashes.
Priced at Rs. 375/- INR (Might have changed since I bought it) for product of 7.5ml is a good buy if you want a natural look and will be using it on regular basis. Just one coat works for me.

This is how it looks after 8 hours in the sun and splashing my face with water twice during this period.

My verdict, I would definitely buy it again.


  1. Hi Priyanka...

    I was actually looking forward to buying this Mascara... you review really helped :)

  2. Hi Eesha,
    Thanx for appreciating :D