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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Maybelline Gel Eyeliner

Hiyaaaaa lovely ladies.
Today will be reviewing Maybelline Eyestudio Gel Eyeliner.

From the very time I saw the Movie "Jab We Met" I was fascinated by the character GEET and the feature that struck me most were her impish eyes.

What made 'em all the more vivacious was the beautifully applied eyeliner. So I tried umpteen times to get a kohl, eyeliner, eye-pencil anything that would give a nice smooth application with intense black colour and most importantly wouldn't smudge away. I have dark circles under ma eyes and have very watery eyes that are extremly sensitive, so even a trip in the sun, a spoon of spicy food, a sip of steaming coffee or a slight wave of emotion turns 'em into pools, so u can understand I'm plagued with Racoon eyes since the time I started using eyeliners. Yes, I have tried the very best but non of 'em made me jump with joy screaming "EUREKAA!"... I got it :P but this beauty did .... I am really thrilled :)

It comes in intense black gel that's very easy to apply with a eyeliner brush that comes along with it. The product claims to be water-proof, smudge proof and is sweat and tear resistant. I was concerned bout applying it n my lower eyelids...so here goes.

Without eyeliner

With eyeliner on the upper eyelids ( Lakme )

With Maybelline Gel Eyeliner on lower eyelids

Was loving the look so clicked away :D

It's been 6hrs since I applied it and it has stayed put without smudging et'll. With 2.8 g product and priced at Rs.375/- is an excellent buy.


  1. Looks nice. Where did u buy it from?

  2. Thanx!Bought it from a Maybelline counter in Pune.

  3. gorgeous pic! my habds are too shaky I struggle with liquid liner :(

  4. Hey Shameela,
    Thanx! Also while applying a liner try taking support of the mirror by resting ur elbow on it ane keep trying it in ur free time, apply wipe n reapply, also try doodling a curve line in one stroke with a pencil on a piece of paper... will surely help, that's what I did :D best of Luck!

  5. Which color lenses are these ? They look very natural. Please let me know.