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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Hiya Folks!
Sorry for the delay in uploading world cup videos, still need to edit 'em and upload the best ones.
Okies so as we all are trying to hunt for the best lotions, potions and creams to ward off harsh sun rays, what makes this already confusing task all the more perplexing is the assortment of companies trying to promote their product. So after trying out several sunscreens finally zeroed down on this beauty....why? u'll know as you read on ;D

Firstly since I have combination skin my skin tends to become very oily when I use a sunscreen esp when the temperature is soaring, it causes my skin to look a lil darker as well as washes away my makeup, also at times causes breakouts, so to conclude it leaves me frustrated. Finally after eyeing it for few days I thought might as well try this out and it was a like a nice cool wave in this scorcher, equipped with SPF 30 and Helioplex, patented formulation for broad spectrum UVA/UVB .
For more info click HERE

Secondly since it comes in a spray form it's very handy and extremely useful when you're out and don't have the liberty to reapply any sunblock.
Thirdly it has a very mild fragrance and doesn't make the skin look oily since it's oil free and my makeup loves it too ;). The best part of this bargain is this sunblock is waterproof and sweatproof, priced at Rs.500/- is a great buy. If you still think regular usage will burn a hole in your pocket then just use it for your face and neck and a different sunblock in cream form with a higher spf if possible for your hands and legs, yes legs coz they tend to tan more or coz they ain't on the same priority scale as da face.

So speaking bout my verdict, this is a must buy. Just a word of caution, DO NOT SPRAT IT DIRECTLY ON UR FACE, sprays it in da palm of you hands and then apply it on your face. Take Care and Njoy da summers B-)


  1. Nice review Priya :)
    I am always in search of a good sun-block during summers... is it like a toner and does it help in oil-control as my skin is also very oily....

  2. Nice review Priya :)
    Is it like toner with SPF? Does it help in controlling oil as my face bleeds oil in summers!!

  3. i m using its sunscreen ..will try this next:)

  4. Sure Anamika, luking forward to your feedback.TC

  5. Hiya Eesha, na yaar it's not a toner but is an ultra light mist so dosen't give an oily feel and gives the skin a nice cooling effect when applied. U'll like it especially since you have oily skin like me.

  6. hey I love the idea of the spray... but then if u have to spray it on the palm... wats the diff between a spray and lotion... thanx... had no clue that... a neutrogena spf spray existed.. :)

  7. Hiya Rashmi,
    Da skin on our face is very delicate also sunscreen can go into your eyes when sprayed so advised to be sprayed in the palm of our hands. Also unlike a lotion this is not greasy and get absorbed instantly in da skin at the same time gives a cooling effect.....hmmm just so u understand ma point, da difference is like using a rollon deo and body spray ;D thanx for commenting, glad you found it useful.