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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Skin Care - Homemade Face Brightner

Hiya Lovelies,
You all must've guessed by now am more of a beauty blogger and most of my posts are bout skin care and makeup. Makeup is important to hide imperfections but a good skin care regime for a radiant skin is a must. Further more when your skin looks and feels nice it brightens up your spritz. So coming back to my post, I love to indulge in the world of beauty and today will be sharing a very crucial facet of my skin care regime. My skin type, it is extremely oily and sensitive skin so I can't use very harsh products thus try to keep 'em natural as much as possible.

Thus my homemade face and body brightener, this acts like a face pack, scrub and also like a face wash, it's not very effective for waterproof makeup removal but for a nice wash that livens up the skin it's just perfect.

The ingredients for this face brightener are to be mixed in the ration 4;1, 4 parts of Besan and Uptan Powder and 1 part of all remaining ingredients.
  1. Besan Powder - 4 Tsp Powder
  2. Uptan Powder - 4 Tsp Powder
  3. Chandan Powder - 1 Tsp Powder
  4. Rakta Chandan Powder - 1 Tsp Powder
  5. Ambi Haldi Powder - 1Tsp Powder
  6. Multani Mitti - 1Tsp Powder

Pass all da ingredients through a strainer so you get an even textured powder. You can mix this powder with water and use it as a face pack or face and body wash.This mixture can also be used in various ways depending on your skin type, climate and end result that u want.

You can mix it with.....
To get a nice cooling feel and also acts as a toner, reduces pore size and is very mild for sensitive skin.

With milk, whole milk for dry or normal skin and skimmed milk for oily skin to get a soft and supple skin. It is also helpful in reducing dark spots.

With curd makes the skin glow and is great for exfoliating skin due to lactic acid present in it and is useful for sunburns too. It also imparts essential moisture to the skin.


With honey it gives the skin glow, retains moisture and is good for moisturizing oily skin too. Due to it's natural antioxidant properties it helps protect the skin from sun damage.


Lemon juice, due to it's acidic properties it dries the skin when used alone but with this mixture it lightens freckles, brightens up the skin and reduces pigmentation. It is also extremely helpful for acne, blemishes and even scars.

Orange Peels are generally present in Uptan ( Used during Diwali ) but if not you can add 'em to this mixture coz they act as a good skin cleansers, enhances your complection and are useful for blackheads or whiteheads.

I know it has a revolting smell but is extremely useful for skin firming and tightening, egg yolk contains Vitamin A which is a strong anti-wrinkle vitamin. It also reduces inflammation and pore size.
Other than all the above mentioned natural skin enhancers, drinking ample water, regular exercise and an optimistic approach towards life is what makes you all so pretty, doesn't it....so whatcha waiting for smile away coz Life Rocks!!! :D

Do lemme know your views and suggestions on this post.

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