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Saturday, June 11, 2011


Hiya Folks!
You must've guessed by now I LOVE RAINS :D

The cool breeze and the rhythmic drumming of the rain drops against my window, that's what I've been doing for the last 3 days, just enjoying the rains, finding reasons to get outta da house and ways to pretend I forgot my raincoat :P he he it's been fun and there has been a drastic change in my diet.

Fried stuff is not a part of my diet, u'll understand what I mean when I tell you I eat a wada-pav or samosa once in 2-3 months. But last 3 days it's become a kinda daily ritual to eat a steaming hot samosa-pav / wada-pav and a plate full of kanda/mirchi bhaji ;) after purposefully getting wet in the rains He He! And while I have fun savoring this tantalizing delights I make it a point to carry wid me a small box of homemade shezwan chutney at all times, surprised?? Chauko nahi taste karo, honestly folks try having shezwan chutney/sauce wid a plate of kanda bhaji/ samosa/wada-pav, tust me it tastes divine, especially in this awesome weather. A wise man once said " The Best Things In Life Are FRIED!" :p all am doing his taking his advice.

Aur aise mouthwatering khane ke baad ek cup garma garam chai toh banti hai boss ;) .... majanu life!
So guys n gals what r ya waiting for, pull on ur capri's, shorts, bermudas and those colourful tees and flipflops and get out, for a nice bike ride or just a scroll in the rains, just go out there, have fun ....haan haan sardi hojaygi, bache hain, naukri hai, responsibility hai.... chaddo yaar, ek din keliye hi sahi, just try and imitate your kid and trust me u'll have the time of your life, splash away coz Life Rocks!!!


  1. I agree....and its true fun to get wet....after a very long time we are experiencing the monsoon in its truest form.....so get wet, eat well and drink a hot cup of tea....enjoy Life...as Life Rocks!!!

  2. By the way the images are very tempting!!