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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

ChiT CHat 2

Hey Friends,
How you doing?? Again in mood to blabber away, 1stly thank you so much for the appreciating my post on Karan Singh Pangali, am sure you all are very happy to see him in the top 13 :D hmmm so me like always will be chatting away to glory....
Gud news for shopaholics Sale upto 61% at Central on 14th and 15th also end of season Sale upto 40% at Benetton...pstttt 6days for my B'Day.... What!!! was just suggesting you a noble cause to shop :P...... speaking of shopping just got a black tshirt from Westside yesterday an an unbeliavable price of Rs.99/- who gets anything at that price, but a nice tshirt at a retail outlet at that price was so enticing, further enticing was the quote written on it.." I'M NOT IGNORING YOU, U'RE JUST NOT WORTH NOTICING !!" I picked it up just for fun, besides there are few people in whose company I'd like to wear it :P he he! wicked, I know ;)

Aree nother thing, just came across Lakme Lip Love collection, lovely lip colour range, is more like a gloss than a lipstick,Rs.550/- . Also they've come up with lip balms, available in 4 shades, Siren, Hottie, Flirt and Charmed, wow what names :P. After looking at it I was in two minds..... I realized my lips seemed a lil dry now days so lets splurge...aree lip care is such an important skin care regime....the pakaging is soooo cute, with a lil heart in the middle....ahem ahem it has SPF okies.... and the argument continued but finally concluded in me picking up the Hottie, which is a hot pink colour, really pretty and has a very mild berry fragrance. Is not sticky or ikky and keeps lips moisturized, worth the outlay :D

Enriched with Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil and SPF 12, Priced at Rs.225/-

Shade: Hottie

Also added nother few colours to my pile of nailpaints...nail pops by Elle 18, Price Rs.45/- each.
  • No.01, Maroonish with a hue of purple (with glitter particles)
  • No.07, A mild pink
  • No.21 , Brick Red (with glitter particles)
  • No.29 Dark Brown (2nd Fav)
  • No. 38 Maroon

but my most fav one is a cute purple shade, No 37 :)

Just read an article on the heart throb Hritik Roshan in Sunday Times, it said he was exhausted after a shoot, was in pain and couldn't sleep till 2am, so he needed something for his soul and thus indulged in 3scoops of ice-cream and a large brownie :D yummmm, I took inspiration from him and brought a slab of Cadbury Bournville Fine Dark Chocolate ummmmmm and am njoying it at the moment, will be working out for an extra 30mins tomorrow but today will give in to the temptation :D phewwww am so quick to get inspired when it comes to sweet-tooth naaaa :)
Chalo then, am sleepy due to the calorie overload :P hope you all have had an awesome day,
njoy n be happy coz....Life Rocks!!!!!

Lotsa Love
Priyanka :)

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