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Sunday, July 3, 2011


Hiya Friends,

Firstly thank you so much for all your appreciation and tones of smiles that you all have showered after reading my recent post. Today just feel like chattering away to my hearts content and would like to get to know all the readers a lil better. Speaking of which just came across an article in Sunday Times Life! that speaks bout describing yourself in a single word, a single word that describes your likes, disliked, charateristic traits, virtues and values, beliefs and ambitions ...phewwww just ONE WORD pretty tough hun....for all those who've seen the Julia Roberts starrer Eat, Pray Love already know bout it, so my reason for bringing up this topic is to know which word best describes you my friend??? you can share it here or mail the lady who wrote the article in Times at vinita.nangia@timesgroup.com. Am sure this question will make you ponder over who you really are and act as a stimulant for your IQ and EQ.

Hey also for all the shopaholics therez a sale upto 60% going on at Westside stores, I'd been to one recently and picked up 2 really awesome kurtis despite my moms strict warning that one more stuff and she'll be forced to buy a new house to accomodate my belongings :P but shez saying that since last 2 years and besides that's just a warning, not an ultimatum :P but as the saying goes fortune favours the brave, I came across this really pretty crome yellow kurti, this was the colour my mom was hunting for, for the last 6-7 months that goes with her beautifully shaded dupatta and chudidar....Walla! I knew I was gonna be safe, it was a nice way to cajole her and get away with my haul :P ..... love to buy presents for my family and frndz b'days, and while i do that I always make sure I gift 'em the gift they really want or have been luking for but this year dumb as it may sound I decided to pamper myself and gift myself a nice hamper loaded with goodies on my B'Day :D so that gave me a reason to shop till I drop, you lovelies out there, try doing it on your b'day, I'm sure u'll have lodes of fun, speaking of which if your b'day is ages away then go shop for MEEEE! :D it's on the 20th of July, me kidding?? Naaaaa :D

Lotsa Love
Priyanka :D


  1. HI. Nice post. Even Oantaloons is also starting their sale soon. I'm so looking forward to it

  2. Cool,thanx :)hope ma mom dosen't c my wicked grin :D do share your haul, take care

  3. As far as I know you, there is no way u'll drop when u shop n even if you do u'll crawl your way but won't stop :P

  4. Nice post Priya. Yesterday I attended a training program, part of my job, where we were asked to describe ourselves in just one word, and most of us couldn't do it. It's so difficult to know one self.

  5. Yups very true,so what word best describes you?? :)