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Friday, July 22, 2011

Just Gold Eyeshadow Pallet

Hey Friends,
Firstly thank you for the lodes of Birthday wishes :) and 2ndly my apologies for not publishing any new posts.... well lotsa stuff to share, esp all my b'day haul and gifts and what all stuff I did...phewww well too tied rite now so will just post bout one of my favourite B'day gift, the one gifted by my lil sis n mom. It was a Just Gold Eyeshadow Pallet with 48 colours. I ohhh so loved this beauty.
Collection of very subtle n beautiful colours, with mirror.

  • All the colours in this pallet are different, no repeats.
  • All colours are so very subtle that they can be worn daily on tees n jeans too
  • Texture is very creamy
  • Blends very easily and is excellent for smokey eyes look
  • Is not 'et all shimmery but neither gives a matt look, just perfect ;)
  • Just LovE...LoVe...lOvE it :)
I have no clue bout the price since it was a B'day gift but guess u'll find it in a cosmetic store....lemme know bout your favorite eyeshadow pallets, will be doing a look using 'em soon, till then keep smiling coz Life is far too important a thing ever to talk seriously about, Life Rocks!!!

Lotsa Love
Priyanka :)


  1. Nice palette...I'm waiting for the makeup looks now..:)

  2. Thanx Sumitha, A lil tied up will try to do the looks asap, take care :)

  3. Wow..this palette looks amazing...m so mesmerized by all these colors..nice review Priya..
    am following you..:)

  4. Hiya Vertu,
    1st lemme tell u, u're profile pic is damn cute,the puppy is it a he or she?? :) and 2ndly thank you so much for following my blog, glad you liked the review, take care :)

  5. Hi Priya...thanks a lot dear,
    Its a male puppy.

  6. Hiya Vertika,
    ur, pup, hez very cute, what'z the lil guy called?