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Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Hi Friends,I have forever been fascinated by the world of baking....I remember as a child I would gape at the array of cakes, biscuits, pastries & other bakes displayed in the cake shop. My spritz would lift at the enticing aroma of freshly baked cakes, scones n waffles ... fresh red cherries sitting on top, those tiny silver balls on the frosting's.....delicately designed flowers on a wedding cake....whipped chocolate icing on the all time favorite Rich Chocolate Cake. It is amazing how the bakery industry as grown over the time... gradually graduating from the basic hard icing cakes to melt in the mouth pastries....Black Forest Cake was a treat closely flowed by Pineapple Cake for the fruity lovers...then came da era of cake revolution with Dutch Truffle, Choco Hazelnut, Simple Chocolate, Ferrero Rocher n what not but for fruit lovers like me the displayed array of fresh Strawberry, irresistible Mango, Fruit Fusion, Kiwi, just Pineapple and the likes is sure to leave us all confused to the core....n mind you, all these are available in different shapes, sizes n hoards of designs.... You got the picture, didn't ya ;D

Well just in case if you haven't would like to give you all a visual treat of few of my creations. Hope you all Njoy it :)