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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hiya Friends,

Hope u all had a blast on Friendship’s Day J We all do umpteen things for our dear face, moisturizers, sunscreens, day cream, night cream, anti-tan n tan removers, cleansers, fresheners n brighteners, hydrating gels n god knows what not, for that dear face but our legs, they’re the ones most neglected…shoe bites … mosquito bites….sore spots….swelling….phewwww …

I know you do pamper your tired soles with the occasional pedicure but let’s relax ‘em a bit more often..So TA..DA! Introducing to you the Scholl Crackling Ice Foot Gel, sasta aur kifai :P ….. pardon my silly jokes but honestly this product is nice. It comes in a 150ml spray can and when sprayed on tired feet and burning soles gives an instant cooling effect, it makes a cracking noise like a bubble wrap and you have to quickly massage it in. It’s gel formulation when sprayed turns into a crackling mousse and the tingling sensation relaxes and makes your heels soft n supple.

It also deodorizes your feet.

Priced at Rs.250/- is a good buy and I’ll definitely recommit it for those who travel a lot and their work profile makes ‘em stay on their feet most of the time, those indulging in sports and all women, coz we no matter what are always on our feet, be it the scurry of making or packing meals in the kitchen or standing long hours giving that perfect presentation….. Scuttling after your naughty toddler or walking….n walking…n some more walking checking out that new mall ;)….so to conclude and shut my blabber, go ahead n try it :)

And for all the Chocolate lovers in Pune, do try out the Chocolate Room near wadeshwar, deccan, awesome desserts with ambience, pricing is ok too, nice place to hangout with friends & family ;) waise bhi we don’t need a reason to give in to the sweet temptation, do we ;)

Chalo then njoy urself and if you haven’t already planned then start planning for the long weekend ahead ;D Take care coz Life Rocks!!!


  1. spraying gel..looks different..I don't stay on my feet for long time :P but i'll think of it for my hubby. :)

  2. A request... don't put up photos or anyhitng related to chocolates. I am trying to lose weight, but chocolate turns me crazy and I go back straight to grab some :P
    Nice posr priya

  3. Sure vertika, hope you both find it useful :)

  4. Thanx Nivedita,will consciously try not to put up any posts that will stimulate your sweet tooth :)Take Care