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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Loreal Base Magique Primer

Hiya Friends
Hope you fellas has an awesome weekend, I know Mondays are always a drag for the working class but chow down a good meal and pull up ur socks to cruise through this week. So coming to todays review, I had read in so many beauty mags and blogs bout a primer. Well for those of you who know nuthing bout it, it acts as a base for your makeup, evens out your skin and hides open pores thereby giving a nice smooth base for your makeup. It also helps for retaining the makeup for a longer time. Phewww now that you know bout it let me also tell you I love doing makeup and I use it everyday but I don't use a primer. On days when the skin feels oily I use Lakme 2 in 1 makeup remover and toner and then apply my sunscreen or moisturizer as base for my makeup but I was bitten with the pimer bug and was on a primer hunt. Max Factor, Chambor, Maybelline, Lakme, Revlon....none of 'em had a primer so finally I bought the first Primer that I came across, Loreal Base Magique Primer.
I always try to find the good in sumthing that's not so good but honestly this product is of no good and if this is a primer then I'd rather use wax :P am sorry don't wanna be a critic but honestly don't ever ever go for this product. I use MAC Prolong concealer and when I applied it on this waxy layer or so called primer it made a sticky ikky layer on my skin and made my face look ghostly, just back from the burial ground.... I wonder do they use this in Ramsay films :P jokes apart this isn't a product one should splurge on, if this even remotely defines a primer trust me u're better off widout it. Priced at Rs 800 is not 'et all worth the buy. I was so so excited to have finally found a primer that I bought 2.... Big Mistake! Niways I know I won't buy it ever again, wonder if I can use it as varnish or gloss for my furniture :P:P:P:P.....
Chalo then wil be off to grab a bite, you guys take care n have a fantabulous week ahead...chao!

Lotsa Love n Tones of Smiles
Priyanka :)


  1. I am not getting a single positive response to this one and I am looking for a good base. :( I'll stay away

  2. oh now I am getting mixed reviews..I heard positive reviews of it till now..

  3. Yeah Nivedita, I think you should :)

  4. Hiya Bhumika,
    My personal experience was not good with this product, if you happen to stay in
    Pune I don't mind giving you the fresh piece I have, I bought 2 (what an idiot!) you can try it out an decide for urself.