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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Oriflame Very Me Eyeshadows

Hiya Folks,
Hope you all had an awesome weekend. I too had a blast and a much needed break, caught up on my beauty sleep and skin care regime but that's not what i'll be posting today. Today wanna share my views on Oriflame Very Me Eyeshadows, Blue Envy and Cocoa Glaze. These cuties were gifted to me by a new found friend, Rohini. The best part bout her being, shez as enthusiastic shopaholic as me :)
So speaking bout these beauties....
....They come in a super cute packaging, that has a see through cover so they are easy to locate in my pile of cosmetics :P also they are very easy to carry around due to a very sleek covering.

There are 2 colours in each pakage, one light the other dark so one can create lovely hues and use the darker one for conturing and on brow bones too.

I'm not aware of the price since they were gifted to me but after my RnD they seem to be somewhere around 225/- INR a piece.

There texture is powdery so a primer, bit of petroleum jelly, cold cream or a moisturizer is required to act as a good base.

BLUE ENVY comes with one shade being a very lighter shade of ultra marine blue and the other being a slate grey.

COCOA GLAZE comes with one shade being a dark ivory as you can see and the other being a lovely shade of burnt amber.
I would suggest you folks to use BLUE ENVY in the night coz it imparts a very intense look to da eyes which looks gud at nighttime and not in broad daylight.

COCOA GLAZE can be worn at all times since it's a regular daily wear eye shadow duo and having said that it's become my personal favorite :)

That's me wearing BLUE ENVY while going out with my younger sis on saturday, we had planned a nice getaway with shopping, eating and some more shopping :P but this look was so intense she just would not go out with me. Although I tried explaining to her , the look was especially for my auditions in next Batman series but she wouldn't budge :P he he!

You'll understand when I tell you that my pesky sis is quite my opposite when it comes to makeup and otherwise also, she hates it to the extent that she doesn't even wear a tinted lip-gloss :p what a tomboy, I know coz I was just da same and then I fell in love ... Ahem Ahem so coming back to these lovelies, yes do check 'em out.

Hope you liked da look I tried to create, a dramatic one with a thick layer of
click on above links for reviews of these products.

Chalo then lovelies I'll be off to bed coz weekends are a time for calorie overloads, speaking of which I chowed down an awesome dessert in da noon that was made of a creamy chocolate ice cream and crushed Oreo cookies.

These cookies are dark and crunchy and taste just yummy when spooned with a creamy chocolate ice-cream, do try out this deadly combi when things don't go as planned and trust me it will instantly cheer you up :) so with all those calories and blabbering am feeling drowsy, off to bed, long week ahead, take care and SMILE, it's the best gift you can give to someone but more importantly it's the best gift you can give urself, arriosssss amigos! Gudnite :)

Lotsa Love Always
Priyanka :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)


  1. hey loved ur review..u helped me choose the shade :) nice blog.. ur new follower :)

    1. Thanx Rekha, glad the review was helpful, welcome to the clan buddy :)

  2. Hi Priya,i like the look :)
    I just made the review about cocoa glaze and the verdict is also similar!
    Please visit if you don't mind :)
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