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Sunday, September 11, 2011

A regular Sunday Yet Very Special In It's Own Way!

Hiya Friends, It has been a Sunday full of pleasant surprises, but one such pleasant surprise was meeting my very very special friend of 10yrs "Sag" aka Sagar.... we met after almost 1 year, 11mths and 21 days to be precise :) na na am not the Subodh types from Dil Chahata Hai or a Hum Tum saying 1st March koh Nazr Milayai, 6 June koh mein milne aayi.... :P just remember that day since it was a special day last yr for me..... ahem so cuming back to the present....Sag for me is the only friend whith whom I've never even had an argument or even a minute disagreement for that matter, well yes when you meet once a year one can't afford to argue but other than that it's just coz of the way he is, always calm and composed.... we don't meet often, we don't call or sms for months but I always know deep down inside hez there.... just the very thought is comforting and when we do meet we catch up again on the good old times.... cribbing bout work n inflation, discussing all things happening in our lives, it just never feels that am meeting him after a long gap.... I guess that's what friendship is all bout, just being there, right Sag :) ....... while I waited for him and debated on what to do i hit upon a jackpot.... I was at the chocolate room soothing my senses with the whiffs of chocolate surrounding me and since my buddy was an hr late I gave in to my temptation and hunger and ordered a warm walnut brownie and classic hot chocolate.... the brownie was nice but the Hot Chocolate..... OMG was just mind blowing.... I've had HC lotsa times, CCD, Georgia Cafe, Barista but nuthing beats this.... for those who just wana indulge do try it out.... it was so creamy....gooey and chocolaty with very lil sweetness, to sum it up was just perfect! It was pouring outside and mast thandi mein garma garam HC.... i honestly was finding it difficul;t not to make those seductive noises after every sip....ummmm annnnn phewwwww u get the picture right ;).... after that I grabbed a subway sandwich and after me n my friend parted....insane as it may sound I went back again with my chocoholic younger sister and again had nother cuppa of this sinful n addictive drink...yummmm...... so the day was lovely.... hope you folks too had an awesome weekend

This is exactly how it looks and how it's served ;) ummmmmm

Lotsa Love

Priyanka :)

P.S. Thanx a lot shekhar, you know for what :)


  1. aww glad u have a such a nice friend :) lucky you :)

  2. Yeah Anamika, I really am very lucky to have very understanding and caring friends :)