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Monday, September 5, 2011

Street Wear Stay On Blush, Peach Satin

Hey Beauties,

Hope you all doing great : ) life is busier than ever for me so pardon me for very irregular posts but honestly trying my best to share my views with you guys…also in the world of makeup and skin care have lodes of reviews to share but long work hrs was making it impossible for me to click picks but as the saying goes there is no such thing as impossible, so my solution was to wake up a bit more early and hope that the morning would start on a sunny note so can get bright and clear pics for you folks.So sharing with you few pics clicked at 6 in da morning ; )

Blushes as we all know add that warm rosy glow to your cheeks and the colours and brands competing for your attention are countless. I use a 6 colour Meylon blush palett, pic to be uploaded....

This gorgeous pallet has beautiful colours but the Con is it doesn’t stay for long and also I can’t carry that palette around in my purse, and I need that rosy glow more than ever when I catch up with friends after work hrs, so need a blush that will work in da day as well as night, also it should look like a blush and not a paint pot :P for my wheatish skin tone pink stands out, a lite peach is good but then that doesn’t go too well in the night so I set out on the weekend on a blush hunt a “Peachy Pink” blush ;) tried out many brands and finally zeroed in on this one. A PEACH SATIN blush from Street Wear….

  • It’s a very pretty peachy pink colour
  • Has a very very lil shimmer that adds a mild glow to my cheeks.

  • The colour is very subtle thereby making it look very natural.
  • Is from the long stay range by street wear and promises to stay for 8hrs, when your surroundings get humid just dab at your skin and not rub it away only then dose it live up to it's promise.

  • The packaging is not outta this world but not too bad either, the brush that comes along with it is not praiseworthy but will be useful in times of emergency.

  • Comes with a mirror which is a plus.
  • Priced at Rs.450/- is a good buy and will last me a very long time.

Chalo then friends, I’ll be off as I’m too sleepy and just need to crash on my bed that looks pretty inviting , take care of yourself and smile away coz no amount of makeup can beat the magical effect that ur lovely smile can create….. ;)

Lotsa Love

Priyanka : )


  1. i agree with the part about the smile !

  2. hi priya
    nice blog u got :D
    m following u

    whats the contact lens u wear?

  3. Hiya Neha,
    Thanx a lot, I use Bausch & lomb lens powered lenses