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Friday, September 16, 2011

Vega Straightening Hair Brush

Hiya Friends,
Hope you all are njoying your weekend, after a long time am spending it lazing away on my couch listening to my favorite music, chomping down my fav choco chip cookies and tapping away on my laptop with mblaze plugged in, oh the wonders of technology :) today just decided to take a much needed break away from deadlines and to do lists, have planned for a nice body massage, home cooked lunch by my mom n small nap :) then will be again back to my running around town doing work and catching up with friends in evening ;)
Hmmm so comming back to the product review, I picked up this product for my younger sis since she has frizzy hair and blowdries them after every wash. It makes blow driying a lil more easier but first you need to apply serum and comb your hair then take lil strands of hair and with the help of this brush and blow dry 'em

The finish of this product is really good.

It has a locking mechanism at the bottom of the brush thus makes it easier to carry and store.

It has tiny natural boar bristles that pick up tiny stray strands of hair and has a vented ceramic plate that allows warm air from the dryer to circulate.

It is a good product specially for those who don't like flat or straightened hair but natural looking and manageable hair with volume

Although the pakaging says useful for medium to long hair, my personal opinion is it works for hair of any length. Priced at INR 390/- is a good buy.

Chalo then folks, have a blast and take care of yourself coz the best gift life has given you is Life itself :D

Lotsa Love n Tones of Smiles


  1. hey thanks for this review..i saw this in health and glow store but looking at the price i wasnt sure how it will work .. i will get this for sure:)

  2. Yeah sure pal, get it if you blow dry ur hair very often else a nice broad brush will do :) TC

  3. Hey I have a question. How is the battery capacity? Is it chargable??

    1. Hiya NinjaTurtle,
      No buddy this dose not have any batteries, it's a regular hair brush.TC

  4. Hi Priya

    so if its not battery operated or works with electricity..then how does the heat gets generated in the brush..just curious:)


    1. Hiya Akum,
      There is no heat generated from the brush, as mentioned in the post it helps to blow dry ur hair with a Dryer, compared to a regular combs this helps to hold strands of hair in place and thus makes blowdrying easier, hope this has cleared ur doubt, Take Care