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Sunday, October 2, 2011

JOY Skin Fruits Kit

Hiya Friends,

Phewwwwww finally weekend is here, am gonna finish all my chores and then just catch-up on ma sleep …..shopping….na as I mentioned in the last post am in a saving mode, will share with you folks what that bigger buy is in a few days, for now let me content in sharing with you 2 really nice skin care kits by “JOY” I know it’s not a very renowned company but yeah it manufactures herbal products and that’s what caught my attention in the first place. Both these kits that am talking about are herbal and so I took the leap of buying these products that I’ve never tried before and I was satisfied with the results.

My first kit was JOY SKIN FRUITS, it contains natural fruit extracts, jojoba oil and almond oil.

The packaging is super cute with 4 tiny tubes in red n white that you can also carry along when you travel.

This is a 4 step skin care kit

1. . Scrub Cleanser

It is a mild scrub for skin that shows signs of aging or loss of firmness and acts as a mild exfoliator, leaving skin smooth and ultra clean.

2. .Moisturizer Cream

The cream formula consists of key natural extracts and and protein complexes, anti-oxidants and moisturizers to provide a visible lift o tired or sagging skin.

3. . Massage Gel

Oil-fee gel based formula that liquefies on contact that gives coverage that hydrates the skin . It helps to tighten skin and reduce fine lines, increases elasticity thereby giving a youthful glow to the skin.

4. . Face Pack

The natural clay in this pack penetrates deep into skin and improves blood circulation and suppleness of the skin…….Big words I know but in very simple words just wanna say his product is good and yes I did feel an improved difference in my skin texture, I personally liked it and will definitely buy it again.

All these cute tubes are numbered from 1-4 so you know what comes next

From left to right, Scrub, Moisturizer, Gel and Face Pack

Priced at INR 150/- will easily last you 3 times, compared to fruit facials that cost Rs.650+ this definitely is very economical. In my next post I'll be sharing with you my review of JOY Pearl Skin Whitening Kit....till then Take Care n have a rocking day! c ya :)

Lotsa Love n Tonnes of Smiles
Priyanka :)


  1. Yups bhumika, it's a nice product

  2. Sounds good! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Hey Rakshanda, thanx! glad you liked the review, TC :)