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Friday, October 28, 2011

My MAC :) Experience With The Brand

Hiya Beauties,
Today will be reviewing the brand and it's products that I just can't do without. They are.....
  • MAC Prolong concealer in NW 35
  • MAC Prolong Foundation in NC 40
  • MAC Studio Fix Powder ib NC 42

MAC Pro longwear Foundation, with SPF 10.

Staying power is true to it's name, around 8-10hrs wid ease but one needs to moisturize the face b4 applying, even a gal like me who has a super oily skin. Even if I splash water on my face and dab it away it stays put.

Priced At INR 1,700/- is in a way is expensive but a tiny blob is enough for my whole face and so goes a long way so the price is justified as long as I'm concerned. I just wet my fingers bf applying and blend it with few drops of water and then apply it with a brush or finger tips.

It evens out skin tone beautifully and looks like a second skin. In all the pictures that I click in my blog I've used this product and this is the perfect foundation for me.

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer, NW 35

My work and my lifestyle involves a lot of driving and working on computers, besides which I also have a bad habit of reading anything and everything that I come across which puts a lot of strain on my eyes. My sleep timing are weird too and I sleep for 5hrs max, so you can guess how much I exploit my eyes and the result being dark circles and tired eyes. I use to have a problem applying kohl coz of dark circles coz then I'd have racoon eyes :P .

After hunting for many concealers from big brands like Revlon, Elizabeth Arden, Diana of London, Chambor, Max Factor, Bourjois, Avon, Maybelline....phewww but no matter how gud they would either wash away due to my oily skin and those that stayed would settle into fine lines thereby making 'em visible, finally I came across MAC and hit the jackpot, the moment I used it I knew this was it, my hunt was over. It's been an inseparable part of me ever since.
I apply it the same way as my foundation.
Price INR 1,000/-

MAC Studio Fix Power Foundation

Now this is an absolute beauty and gem of a product. It gives coverage along with soaking up the oily shine from my face. One can pair it up with a foundation or else if you love very minimal makeup then wear it alone. It evens out skin tone beautifully and I personally feel every gal who loves makeup has to have one of this in her purse, at all times.

It's not a very long staying product since it's in powder form but despite that I would strongly advocate it. I would recommend it especially to those who wanna look good but don't have too much time to spare, a quick swipe with your brush, a dash of gloss, mascara and u're good to go.

After a hectic day that plans to end wid friends I do a quick touch up with this and it instantly makes me look fresh and radiant, top it with a nice bronzer and walla! Am ready :)

Price INR 1,600/-

Me without any makeup 'et all and with my most prized treasure trove :D

All the 3 products listed above are an integral part of my makeup routine, I've never experienced any breakouts, allergies or any other skin problems after using 'em. I would request all the readers to 1st take samples from the SA, try 'em out 3-4 times, indifferent environment, lighting and time of the day and if you're satisfied only then go ahead with the buy, esp since they are a bit pricey.

Also plz plz plz check for a correct match, a lighter foundation dose not mean u'll look fair, it will just make you look white and highlight all the small imperfections on your face. Have patience and you, yourself be the judge of what really matches your skin tone and skin.

These products have worked for me, it's for you to find out if they work for you too, I really hope they do :)

Lotsa Love
Priyanka :)


  1. I am looking at the concealer. For 1000 bucks I think if it works, its worth it because we do end up spending a lot looking for the concealer that works for us.
    I'm also liking the boiujois Detox one. But would like to give this one a try for sure

  2. Yeah Nivedita, I agree, I've spent a lot of money to find the perfect concealer, do try out a sample b4 you go ahead with the buy, Take Care