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Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Sweet Memory To Cherish....FOREVER!!!

Hiya Folks!
Very gudmorning! The last 2 days I've had a blast with friends and I've been meaning to post bout it but didn't get time since I was out there having a super time. What I thought would be a mundane end to a hectic week turned out to be a super duper time in my catalog of memories. This Friday I met my long lost friend of 19years! Yes you heard it right, 19 years it is.....phewwwww just the mention of how long it has been makes me wonder bout the Miracles of life or quirk of faith or simple being a part of the master plan..... it dose make me believe in the force called "GOD".......
"VIVEK" This name is embedded in my memory since the time I realized what a friend is, he is my 1st best friend..... even as I write my eyes are welling up coz this is the long lost buddy that I've been trying to find since the time I realized he had really and truly gone....His dad was transferred and that was how we parted ways. I was nick named sonal as a child so there was no way he could ever find me even if he wanned to.... never in his wildest imagination he'd know my name was Priyanka n not Sonal, also since I was residing with my mom's parents, he could not hunt me down on the basis of my surname..... so I just knew I had to take up the onus of finding him and man! I tried to find him in every way and means possible, the only place I did not look for was Facebook coz I, myself hadn't even registered for it in da first place but as destiny had plans, I opened a FB account and one day casually, out of no where I typed his name in search and walla!! there he was :) ...... to cut long story short, he turned up totally unplanned on this Friday and I can't put into words what a fab time I had wid him, reliving the old memories, the lil pranks we did, the fights we had...the emotions of being so small.... the innocence.... the thrill of making those paper boats.... the crazy dancing in rains, the addiction to cartoons and the eagerness of finishing our homework and running out that door to meet eachother...... I was taller than him as kids but now he towers over me being 6'1" .... his tiny and cheerful chirping has turned a deep and husky voice.... his tiny close chopped hair have given way to a styled and groomed mane.... his skinny frame has turned into an athletic and toned physique... the tiny fellow who'd shy away from girls is so confident and outgoing with all his gal pals..... but one thing that hasn't changed bout him is that he still likes chocolate and cheeeeeeeeeese :).....

In my jiffy to finish up work and meet him I did not put on a pair of earrings but was lil awed when he noticed this tiny detail and took me to various shops in Inorbit Mall, hunting for a pair of sleek silver hoops to complete my girly look.... it was the time I realized my tiny idiot of a friend had matured into a handsome young man who knew a lot bout women :D ..... Yes,I know ladies he sounds like a guy straight out of your imagination and No, I won't be sharing his details in this post :P (sorry for the disappointment) ....... but felt like sharing with you all how life surprises us when you least expect it....... buddy if u're reading this, you already know u're very special and yes u're still the irritatingly egoistic narcist that you always were yet u'll always be my 1st ever Best Friend....ALWAYS!!!!!

Me & Vivek on my B'day, me in center and vivek 2nd from left :)

And that's me :P

And this is my Buddy, Vivek :)

For all those reading this, just take out 5 mins and go ahead call your buddy u've been meaning to call for so long and let him/her know how special they are, life mite not be generous enuff to give you a chance after 19yrs :)

Lotsa Love Always
Priyanka :)