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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

VOV, My experience with the brand

Hiya Friends,
Yesterday I happened to have a discussion bout VOV lippies with my fellow bloggers Zara n Anamika, the heart n soul of wiseshe.com, a very informative site regarding skincare and makeup, do make it a point to visit it.
Coming back to VOV, I know some of us are skeptic using products from this brand and seriously doubt the quality of these products taking into account their pricing which is very inexpensive, I too use to feel the same. Yet I did take the risk of trying their lippies for the sole reason that I just loved the colours, that happened to be very subtle and nice for everyday use and was tempted to buy 'em. I've reviewed VOV lippies (click for review) before but today will be sharing reviews of my 5 most favorite lippies from this Brand.


  • Packaging: Nice and sleek stick, the outer casing represents the exact colour of the lippie which is gr8.
  • Staying Power: 2-3hrs, dose not live upto the claim of long stay.
  • Price at INR 130/- but the prices of all VOV products vary from store to store.
  • I, personally have not faced any problem of allergy or darkening of lips etc.
  • Availability, the biggest con of this product, one cannot locate it in all stores, as far as u're a Punekar, you can get these in Betee, shop no 56 at Clover Centre, MG road.
  • Nother con is that not all colours have an apt name, like the ones below, pink is no where close to pink but more towards brown n the likes. So don't go by the name.
  • Testure: Creamy with a mild smell like a lip balm, though few of you may not like it.

19 Natural Brown (Peach), 16 Pink (not 'et all pink, it's a pinkish brown), 11 Cabernet


This is one lip colour I don't leave my house wid out, it's there in my purse at all times, apply it alone and it gives a very natural looking glossy tint to the lips, pair it with a liner and it turns into a very beautiful lippie, making your lips luscious and quite edible and finally if you team it up wid a bold colour, it reduces the intensity and gives a very beautiful finish and adds the extra oomph to ur face n lips..... A must have and my all time favourite lippie, since I love very natural n subtle colours.
  • Comes in a lovely pen type casing with a twist applicator so it doesn't get all icky n messy and ensures full use of the product. Also it's not 'et all sticky.
  • Again the name is quite defying but this is a very very lovely pinkish brown colour.
  • Price: INR 295/- again price may vary.


This colour dose not have a name, but is numbered 11, again a pinkish brown shade but a lil darker one.

It belongs to the long stay range and stays on for a good 5-6hrs but you need to keep topping it up wid a gloss after you eat or drink something or if your lips dry out, else it will flake.

Equipped with a doe foot applicator, it's a breeze to apply and define even without a liner.

Wait for a min after applying it, let it dry and then immediately apply gloss on top that comes along with it.
The gloss adds the hydrated and kissable look that's necessary for the otherwise matte finish of this lippie. Phewwww so I hope this review was a lil helpful for those who've never tried VOV lippies b4, Take Care n have a Happy and Safe Diwali.

Lotsa Love n Smiles
Priyanka :)


  1. Thank u soo much for doing it so quickly.I am sefinitely picking these up ..i hope i see them on F&Y soon as sadly like u and Zara I don stay in Pune :(

  2. Not a prob girl, let me know if you like any particular shade and can't find it, will ship it to you as a Diwali gift :)

  3. The forst two lipaticks look good. O would look for them. I am also noting down the price :P

  4. Sure girl, they are a gud buy, Happy Diwali! :)