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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick,

Hey Friends,
Hope you all had a fab weekend :) after repeat warning from my conscience for over a fortnight to steer away from cosmetic counters and lippies were a strict no no, my control finally gave in when I saw this beauty at Central. This lovely is called Burnt Caramel, shade no. 745. It is one of the recent launches by Max Factor.

  • Packaging is very classy with a gold coloured bullet.
  • It claims to nourish, moisturize and make 'em smoother in just 7 days.

  • The bottom of this bullet is transparent so you can easily locate the colour
  • It has very creamy texture and gives a matt finish
  • After applying the lips feel very smooth n supple

    • Available in 17 shades and 8 liners is a visual treat
    • The only con that I see is the staying power, it stays for 1-2hrs and requires touch up after you eat or drink.
    • Priced at INR 670/-
    • Is a good buy but don't expect a lot from this product, it's not a must have.
    • Was it after seeing the model in da brochure or the after effect of this lippie I don't have a clue but was inspired to make make all sorts of faces and this is how it looks on me....heyyyyy fellas stop smiling ok :)

    Oh n the lovely sales lady gave me this free along wid this lippie, a lip gloss. After seeing this I was like, "oh nother useless gloss, a very natural colour, no pigmentation, what gud is dat ;(" but after applying it.....boy it's awesome, not 'et all sticky and glides beautifully on the lips.

    A nice slanted applicator wand. I personally loved it.

    This is how the lippie looks after being topped with gloss, nice na?? :)

    Ohhhh speaking bout smiling, I just can't stop coz of this....

    It's my all time fav Galaxy Chocolate in caramel flavour. This sinful delight is a milk chocolate, centre with oozing caramel....yummmmmm. It's very sweet but trust me once you take a bite it's sheer HEAVEN!!

    Priced at INR 20/- you just can't miss it. I always share all my edible stuff but this is one woweeeeeeeeee delight that I like to share with me, myself ONLY! :P so don't sit and watch, go get ur own bar....as for me....ummmm I just gotta go n indulge ;)

    Lotsa Love Always
    Priyanka :)


    1. The shade is gorgeous but the staying power sucks..Ur very pretty priyanka

    2. Hey Parul Thanx a lot for the compli, that's really sweet :) n yeah bout the lippie, staying power is sheer disappointment

    3. Thanx! That's so sweet Shekhar :)

    4. i agree with shekhar ...
      i sware , before even reading the comments
      the first thing came in my mind was this only
      i was about to ask you , are you in Mumbai for ??? you know na ??
      i mean are you trying your luck for movies or serials ??
      lovedddd your pics and the lipstick is looking WOW with gloss and what to say about the Galaxy ???
      WOOHHHHH .... my fav and your pic made me GAGA babes ....

    5. Hiya Mam,
      You've made my day, thanx for appreciating n bout my pics, naaa not trying to get into glam world, it's just that am simply a nautankibaz n keep doing masti all the time, at times I forget am actually reviewing a product, it's hard to maintain a straight face considering how naughty i am :P