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Monday, December 19, 2011

Chambor Dazzle Eyeliner

Hiya Folks :)
Wish you all a Merry Christmas, my day turned out to be an eventful one esp since I happened to meet my history school teacher and was extremely lucky to get her blessings, phir kya tha, mera Christmas toh Merry hona hi tha :D

So....kya karoon oh ladies mein hoon aadatse majboor! ;) couldnt stop ma self n felt the need to buy a nice kohl or liner in black for the festive season. I was planning to zero in on Chambor regular liner but then happened to spot this beauty. Chambor Dazzle Eyeliner, I was informed by the SA that this product is not marketed and sold by their company unless a customer specifically asks for it since it has side effects, it stings the eyes and makes 'em watery else makes the wearer drowsy :P I was almost on the verge of skipping this product but then I happened to swatch it n wow it was lovely, deep black colour n super smooth texture, I was instantly in love wid it but still I waned to make a wise choice n so decided to test it before I bought it........

...I applied the liner and went around the mall for 20 mins to see the reaction this black beauty had on me, esp since I  have very sensitive eyes and am a lens wearer. After the trial I found no fault wid the product and so bought it n trust me am loving it to bits. It's there in my purse at all times n you can see in da swatch it's a jet black colour, beautiful n sensual. I, personally will suggest you to test it before you splurge.....

The pics below have a single stroke applied on the waterline yet the colour has come out beautifully, don't you think??

Priced at INR 480/- is one of my best buys....the con besides the above stated reactions is that the packaging is not retractable :( so you gotta be very careful when you twist the pen to get the required amount of product.

Rest all good, lotsa more makeup and skincare product reviews coming your way, till then take good care of yourself n have a blast :D

Lodes of Love
Priyanka :)

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  1. Hey Priya....You are looking pretty with the bindi and the "Maskara" :)