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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Happy B'day Baba

Today is my Dad's B'day. Hez been my strength n my rock of gibralter. He has turned me into a very strong, independent woman n yes a good cook as well coz I've learned how to cook from my Baba :)

I came home late yesterday n was a lil upset since both my owens were unavailable and I bake a cake for everyone's b'day in the family. Also Dad hates cream cakes so I also didn't have an option to get a pretty cake from a nearby cake shop :( I came home quite late n thought of making one in the microvewave ( I don't like to cook in a microwave) I looked around for eggs n was dismayed since there were non, eggless keliye bhi na condence milk tha aur na ni cola drink, worst of worst I didn't even have butter :( but as the saying goes, fortune favors the brave, inspite of Dad telling me to chill n just rest after a hectic day I just so badly waned to bake atleast a tiny dryfruit cake for him.

When dad thought me to cook he said always understand the ingredients, how they will react with eachother. A good cook is the one who can understand how a dish will taste by understand the ingredients, once u understand that u'll never need a cook book ; ) so I decided to put his advice into practice n baked a cake in the following manner...

Wet Mixture

  1. 2cups Milk
  2. 1+1/4rh cup regular Sugar
  3. 2 Tsp Suji aka Rawa
I mixed all the above ingrediets in a Non-stickpan n gently let it cook n reduce on a very low flame.
Then after I achieved a mild cream colour n a thick mixture I added 2Tsp Ghee n 2 Tsp regular cooking Oil + half tsp Mixed Fruit essence n again mixed it throughly till the Oil was compleatly mixed with the batter.

Dry Mixture
  1. 1 cup Maida
  2. 2 Pinch Soda Bicarb
  3. 2 Tbs Cocoa Powder
Shift all the above ingredients with a strainer n then add Cashew n Rasins as per taste.Grease a microwave proof container, preferably glass one.
Mix the Dry n Wet ingredients together n pour into the greased bowl. Here I did not wait for the wet mixture to cool down, it was almost 12 na :)

Grill + Convection for 12 mins n walla! Your cake is ready :)

The best part was Dad loved the cake, did I mention hez a food critic, totally! so he needs every dish to be just perfect n my happiness knew no bonds when he said It is one of my best cakes :D

The cross section looked superb, cake was moist n cocoa n nuts tasted lovely together, due to Suji it was a bit granular n tasted like there was Khoya in it ;)

Happy Birthday Baba, Love U!

Sonu :) aka Priyanka

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