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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A smile filled day :):):):):):))

Hiya Fellas  J
What!!!! Yeah yeah I do have a stupid grin plastered across my face coz I just ate my all time favorite  meal, Butterchicken with tandooor roti….

 PAPI!!!! I heard that vegetarians…. Am sorry if that has offended you guys in any way but it’s my all time fav meal, nothere reason for this Smile is just got a cal from my school buddy after 14 years, ok don’t beat me up, I know I always have these drastic n many years of separation before I meet my friends…. Na it’s not like that it’s just we at times get so carried away or go our separate paths that r quite demanding…..niways I don’t wana get all nostalgic but it’ a gr8 day to reunite wid friends who have seen me as I am, or rather was…. A girl wid two ponys, chubby, dancing in school shows, loosing temper during debates, panicking when the homework was not done…the stupid excuses to avoid that " Homework not done" remark in my calendar….that fastest run n longest sprint to reach before the school bell…that wada-pav n donuts in the canteen….. ironing the uniform n polishing shoes …my daily ritual…. The hard time waking up lil sis for school n the lost temper till she was finally ready….the every single day giggling n the every single night wishing I’d grow up n go to college where there would be no homework n no uniform…. That preparation for examz… long sleepless nights n sleepy afternoons…. Chowing down one chocolate after nother without bothering bout calories….being spoilt rotten by my grandpa n aunts by giving me anything n everything I asked for…which mostly was chocolate or colours J….. the meaning of world was….grandpa chocolates….games…puzzles…stickers….colours n my best friends…..:P those who share their chocolates wid me, that was a definition of a true friend :P….

…..I can go on n on but u fellas get the picture don’t ya J …. So all u reading this post, relive all the happy memories when u were in school n go do something crazy today… something exciting…..something fun…. You treat all ur loved ones it’s time you treated urself to ur favorite childhood delight…have fun!

Lotsa Love
Priya J

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