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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Hiya Friends,
How ya all doing? me having a fab day so far, had a good night's sleep n woke up to an irresistible aroma wafting through the house, na it wasn't waffle but they were moms mixed grains paratha with a dollop of Amul butter on it ;) haan haan workout karoungi baba don't worry...

... after such an awesome breakfast n a huge mug of ginger tea(my all time fav) I sat down writing my book....it's a lovely feeling, a full tummy, chilly weather  n watching the sun rising from the window....the sheer positivity surrounding me and the warmth gradually spreading....watching the flight of birds....here the lil one's chirp...:) if u're one of the few who love to wakeup before the dawn dawns then you know the peace n quite..... the inner peace to watch the world rise n all u sleepy heads atleast haftemein 1day wake up early, trust me u'll love it....put on ur headphones n play a soft piece n write down the things you really want to change in ur life n watch the miracle happen....trust me it dose happen.....speaking outta experience n yeah when they do happen cross 'em off and thank the forces that made it come true :D... this is a method I follow since I read "The Secret" ..... Waaaaweeee it really works....I had asked for a sweet treat n look at that, dad just came n got this....:):):):):):):)

while I njoy my sweet treat you fellas go ahead n njoy every task you do today, it's the start of a brand new week....feel the magic around you n b thankful for all that you have n get ready for all the lovely things that are bout to fill your life....njoy ur existence...watch the smiles surrounding you n lemme know the best smile you spotted today that made you realize....Life Truly Rocks!!

Wish you all a Merry N Smiley Filled Christmas :D

Love Always
Priya :)


  1. Oh dear!! Could you please get the recipe from your mum? I love food and these days I am trying out recipes

  2. Hi Nivedita,
    1 cup wheat flour
    1 cup jowar flour
    1/2cup bajra flour
    1/2 cup makka/ corn flour (not cornflour used in chinese)
    salt+ chilly powder as per taste
    1/2 tsp jeera powder
    2-3 garlic cloves finely chopped if you like 'em
    sprinkle of sugar, chopped coriander.

    Add 2tsp oil n mix with all ingredients, then add water n knead into a soft dough. Then just roll em out like regular chapatis but a lil thick, tave pe seko n serve with Amul butter n khatta meetha nimbu ka achaar ;)....hope this was helpful, ni queries just ask. TC