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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dil Toh Bachaa Hi Jee :)

Hiya People,
Am in Mumbai at my aunts place n again I understand my fascination for colours, it's genetic, I was sipping a hot mug of ginger tea today morning n I happen to notice all the colours around me. No there r no kids in the house but still my Aunt has decorated here house in such a lively n colourful manner that I couldn't help myself from sharing few pics with you all..Njoy :)
Hall with colourful cabinets 

Multicoloured Bedroom Cabinets

Laundry Bag :)

Door Mat :D

Spoons, cups, bowls ...even the lemon squeezer is a bright blue :P

Bright Lemon Yellow Kitchen Cabinets :)

Flowers of All Kinds...everywhere...:):):):)

Curtain Holders

Bathroom Brushes :P

The best part was whn I asked for a pen n stapler I got this :P

The entire house is full of colour n such cute elements that you every place you look it just makes you smile, this place dose give me a feeling of a holiday home, bright n cheery, am having a fab time chilling out here, writing n shopping :) I feel like a kid again :D do lemme know what you liked the most from all the above cuties.. will be off to bed now n look around ur house am sure you will find sumthing that will make you smile :) Life Rocks!!!


Bachii Priya :)

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