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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

Hiya Fellas,
Wish you all a Joyous, Healthy and Prosperous New Year! I've been on a crazy shopping spree in my free time as the year came to an end, the past year over all has been a good one for me but when I see the events that have happened in the past year I did not find a reason to rejoice so I did not celebrate the New Year instead prayed with my entire family for the departed souls and made a resolution to do my bit for the Nation whenever n wherever I can. I'm trained in Martial Arts but due to my busy schedule have neglected my daily practices, I've resolved to start doing that with consistency to which I will be adding my weapon training as well, I can't be of any help if I myself am not fit to help myself, so focus on fitness is not a resolution but a resolve.
NO SHOPPING for at least a month is nother resolve I've made n trust me it is gonna be way more difficult to standby than the former one regarding my fitness regime :)

Other than that I have quite a few personal goals that I've been putting off for far too long which I intend to complete by July 2013.... rest all gud...

..Hope this year brings a promising change in the " Mein bhala mera ghar bhala" attitude of we Hindustanis and we stand as one for all the right things and fight hard against the wrong ones on humanitarian grounds.

To end on a very crucial yet cute note wish to share a pic I came across today

Save Tigers!

The innocence just can't be missed in those big eyes, plz do your bit...TC and have a fab year, gudnite.

Priya :)

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