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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Movie Review: Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola

Hiya People,
Today had gone for the premier show of the movie Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola> When I was invited for this movie by my best friend, I was not quite sure of what to expect from this movie since I've never even watched the trailor of this movie. All I knew was it's gonna be a dhamaal movie and nother reason for me watching the premier show was Anushka is one of my fav actresses so was quite eager to see her in yet another bindaas n mastibhara role.

Speaking bout the movie the movie has a good cast, Pankaj Kapoor is as we all know is a marvelous actor and he is the one who has pulled this entire movie. As the movie starts there are moments when one gets a bit confused as to where is it heading... they have picked a very sensitive topic regarding farmers, their land and governments role in their survival or otherwise which we all are aware of. The entire movie is in bits and pieces, Anushka has no role in it...since she is a fab actress she has tried to do her best from whatever character was assigned to her, Imraan again has done a good job but what is his role in this movie one wonders.. it just feels like a flux of small scripts all put together in a haphazard manner...Many loose ends to the movie... If you do plan to watch do keep your head aside... no logic to this movie....the best part in this movie is the pink buffalo ...reminds me of Akshay Kumaar somehow :) and the other part is the songs are nice while all of 'em have very catchy beats, I liked the songs Khamakha, Lootnewale and Title Track ... TC...Njoy

My Rating - 3/10

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