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Friday, January 4, 2013

My thoughts as a human.....as a woman

Hi All,
There is so much rage inside me that am trying to leash, with everything wrong happening around and my sheer helplessness to do anything bout it.... the anger in me has come out on many ocassions and at times it has taken me huge strength to hold myself back, I recollect one incident in my college when me n my friends were playing basketball n there was a group of boys who were looking at us, since we practicing for our matches we were in our uniforms that was a knee length skirt and tee.... there were 3-4 boys the 1st day...the second day 4 more joined in and by the 3rd day they started passing remarks, 5th day I was unexpectedly called for practices and so I was in my usual jeans, tee and a thick leather belt.... as we played merrily oblivious to the world I heard these leaches again n as I turned around I saw almost 15-20 boys sitting on that so called katta... I saw the spirits of my team falter coz those remarks were in no way encouraging  but something that would make a woman uncomfortable, as my girls got a lil embarrassed by the minute and by every comment.. I cant tell you the how hard it was trying to control my anger... as I saw 2 boys get up and circle the length of our court and try to get in the way of my players I knew that's it ... be fore I could see these men or rather beasts touch n make my friends and other girl players feel guilty for playing a simple game of basketball my anger unleashed, having a built of over 5'8" and a structure to make an average male nervous I got hold of one and punched his lights out... I was in such a state of anger that had been piling up that I went on beating that guy and anyone who came in close proximity n finally I removed the thick leather belt I was wearing and went slashing  kicking, punching him from the court till the parking lot..... I wanned every onlooker to know what is the strength of a girl when unleashed and seeing my act all the players also were encouraged and although they didn't beat any but they surrounded me as I bate up that animal... the whole group scattered away like scared mice and I screamed out loud again if I see anyone on this field teasing any girl I swear I'll kill you here itself!.... I was shaking with rage as I went to the changing room..... I am a human n I don't wish to hurt another humanbeing but had I not done that I would have been a witness of a womens dignity slowly burn to ashes... a womens honour....a womens confidence...a womans faith in herself  as woman and as a player....a womans belief that shez free.... a womens innocent laughter....a womens beauty.....a womens strength...all turn to ashes... the next day as I was called for an explanation of my act by the authority I recollect the dialogue from the movie Gulaam " Jab mein aapne aap koh aaine mein dekhoon mujhe aapne aap koh dekhke sharam na aaye!" when I seen in the mirror I don't wanna be ashamed of my existence and that's exactly what I said.

Am not saying every women ...mother....sister....daughter....friend can do something like that but even if u're a male of female don't leave these monsters.... don't ignore....do whatever you can but teach them a lesson..... don't leave 'em, the government will do their part but as a human do your part and trust me the force of mute spectators when turns into a angry roar even the most powerful of beast will have to run...please please please do your bit, don't walk away....please!!!!

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Ek aam Bhartiya

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