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Friday, January 25, 2013

Random Thoughts....

I'm sitting by the window, a rare occasion when I get time to reflect on the lil things in life that I mite fail to notice in my daily grind. I was in a hurry yesterday n careless as I am I cut my right thumb in my hurry to wash a very sharp knife. My aunt was petrified to see blood in that amount flow due to the huge gash n applied Haldi on it. Thankfully it stopped bleeding in 5 mins n I resumed my chores but every time I did something it would start bleeding again. I don't wanna share this but before I proceeded it was important I shared the incident so you could understand my thoughts that follow...
..I did many things yesterday and was able to notice how a tiny gash effected my ability to do the daily chores. I was unable to wash my hand for starters, I could not stir the curry with my right hand since you need a thumb to hold a spoon... I went ahead to comb my hair but again I faced a problem holding my brush that again requires a thumb.

I encountered many such challenging moments like opening a Halls packet, squeezing a lemon, holding a pen to write....opening and closing the lid of a bottle of water, eating a chapati.. I couldn't even twist my lipstick :P... I love bowling n was looking forward to a good game wid friends but could not do that too.... there is nothing I'm trying to say from this post other than my deepest appreciation and gratitude for being blessed with a healthy body, all other problems feel so insignificant when I realize how lucky I am...

Just a small cut could limit my actions which makes me think how thousands of people overcome their disabilities, how millions of people take on every challenge life throws at them n still move on... I feel lucky n wanna spend every moment njoying this blessing called LIFE :) For all those reading this just wanna wish you  all a Happy n Healthy Life, Njoy it to the fullest coz Life Rocks!!! :D

Have a magical day!

Lotsa Smiles 
Priya :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)


  1. very nice post... pls be more carefull with ur precious hands :)