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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Tare Zameen Par

Hiya Friends :):):):):):):)
Yeah am sure you've already guessed that am in super spritzzz :D the reason is I had a fabbbbb evening ...haan bhai batati hoon kya hua....In our vicinity few eager and ambitious women have taken a responsibility upon them to teach young children Shlokas, various games and involve them in activities that will build their overall personality which also includes Dancing, Singing, Art & Craft etc.This class is know as Sanskaar Bharti .
My mother who is a G.D Arts graduate from J.J.School of Arts, Mumbai believes in giving back to the society and so in her spare time imparts her knowledge without charging anything, among the many children she teaches there is this one particular group of children from Sanskaar Bharti she teaches every Wednesday, due to some reason she was unable to go today and asked me if I could teach these children today. So as planned I went there wid all the craft material as I had to teach 'em very simple Collage. The topic was a house wid a roof, doors, windows and a sun :)
The children were aged between 4-10 years. I went a bit early and discussed few basic things wid the volunteers rather fabulous teachers... I sat there and watched every lil one come in ...keep their bags in one corner very systematically and then go and sit in a neat line...The teacher called out to two 4 yr olds, one a cute girl in a pink dress with a pony and the other a very very tiny boy...he was quite tiny :) The class started with Sanskrit Shlokas and Ganpati Stotra... I was stunned to see both these tiny kids say all Shlokas with ease and watch the entire class follow... and here I use to take pride since I know all the Aarti's... a 4 yr old know's more than me :O....

Later I showed 'em how to do the collage...when I was bout to show them how to stick the door...I casually said we all know door right, we come in and go out from it to which I got a very innocent reply "But Didi I go inside from the window" :D it was such an innocent statement...Again as I showed them 2 windows a cutie baby doll piped in "But Didi I have 4 windows in my house not 2" :D I said okkk we'll do 2 more in next class... As they got divided into groups and sat pasting their collage I went around trying to register their actions and reactions...they all looked sooooo cute n totally engrossed in their work...we adults give huge statements while talking bout dedication but when you watch a 4yr old trying to apply glue on a paper and try to stick it in the center of other paper...making sure it did not stick to his/her hand...exact 4 dots of glue were applied and the door came before the window....nothing can beat that dedication...really! :)

There were almost 60 kids and each of 'em was so eager to show me their collage...few had even painted birds and flowers around their house...one tiny girl came to me wid her collage and asked me "Didi my teacher said this is not right" I looked at her picture and smiled becoz she had pasted her windows outside the house... I sat down and explained to her what her mistake was and gave a new set...she came back with a grim face and a new collage, as I looked at her and said "Yes! perfect, lovely!" I just can't put into words how her face lit up...she went back to her place jumping :D....
Later a smart tiny fellow walked upto me and showed me his collage...it was the best of the lot and I smiled and said so...he waited for a min and went back and again came with birds on his paper, again I said good...he went again and came back with sky...then with trees...then with flowers...this went on for few mins...his trip back and forth...finally he came with mountains on his paper and no more space left....again I said very good!...he looked at me and said then when will I get a STAR??? :):):):):) that was the moment I understood he just wanned a star from me on his paper saying Very Good...I recollected the movie Taare Zameen Par as I watched these lil one chatter...giggle...scribble and laugh like there is no tomorrow.... am a lil mushy inside as I write...I had many such beautiful moments wid the kids...one even asked me how was I so tall :D...the best part of the evening was as I bid these smiling innocent faces good bye one girl gave a Thumsup sign and said you did a good collage Didi...while nother one said you're a good teacher...few more came and shook my hand saying good...nice....and the likes and here I was thinking I'll tell 'em what a fab job they did...Kids I tell U :)

On my next visit I'll choreograph their dance on "Mere Desh Ki Dharti" :D will definitely share the experience with you all....till then live life to to the fullest, smile and give a tight hug to your kid..they are the best thing this world has...innocent and pure. Treat every kid like your own coz when you see their sunny faces and eyes shining with hope u'll smile thinking....haan sachmein ..."Taare Zameen Par!"

"Yesterday is gone...Tomorrow is yet to come...but Today is a Gift, that's why it is called PRESENT!"

Gudnite People :)

Lotsa Smiles
Priya :)

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