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Friday, March 15, 2013


Hiya People,
It was my dear Grandpas B'day last week n I had blind baked a short crust pastry, filled it wid chocolate cake batter.

Topped it with chocolate ganache by melting 250 gms dark chocolate wid 100ml Amul cream n 3-4 tbs of milk. Added chopped roasted Almonds to the ganache which was of pouring consistency.

I kept the decoration very simple by just adding 4 sugar rose flower on the top 

Don't they look lovely :)

Wid the remaining cake batter I made two huge muffins :) and poured all the tempting liquidy molten chocolate on it, the muffins were super moist as u can see

 Do lemme know if you's like to know the recipes of the pastry and cake, whatcha waiting for go ahead and treat urself to a sinful chocolate cake, have a nice eve fellas :D


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