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Monday, June 9, 2014

My latest haul

Hiya fellas,
OMG! It's been ages since I shared my experiences wid ya all n am so so sorry for being away that long. I wont dish out all the excuses for being away but yeah am super excited to share my latest haul from Zurich n Paris wid ya all. I had been away on a 9 day vacation wid my husband and this indeed has been my dream vacation. I've done all the adventures that I always use to dream of doing...skydiving...bungee...river rafting, mountain biking n what not. Lots to share wid ya all but for now will share my haul wid ya all.

I was clicking pictures in Paris n happened to land in front of a Sephora store..... AAAAHHHHHHHH! My first ever visit to Sephora.... it was like visiting Disneyland :) just went around the store ooohiiing n aaahhhhing n swatching anything and everything.... I already have a pile of lippies that will last me a lifetime but still when I saw the lipsticks.... droool droool drooooool :P  I wish all my GF's were there to share this experience wid me...can't put into words, the only thing i can do is smile....n smile :D

This is the best primer I've ever come across and regret not hoarding more of this amazing stuff :)

Other than that I also had a calorie overload with hadcrafted swiss n french chocolates... I walked the streets around Eiffel tower chowing these down n making alarming noises...Ummmmmm....Yummmmm....Annnnn :D what! seriously they were just soooooo gud :):):):)

Priya :)

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