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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Life Truly Rocks :) Part II

Life Truly Rocks :) Part I ( Click to view post )

Hiya people :)
Am so happy to hear from you people n some of you have asked me how was the experience of doing crazy things like skydiving n bungee. Also few think I am a very brave individual :) well I just feel like repeating the mountain due ad that says " Gala sabka sukhta hai, darr sabko lagta hai, par darr ke aage jeet hai!" Jada filmi hogaya na :P Honestly yups I was really nervous when I did those things but I let the kid inside me take control rather than the adult who analyses every aspect, considers the rpos n cons n then takes a calculated risk. As a kid I remember I never thought twice before playing in the mud, jumping from the compound wall, playing with street dogs, dancing in the rain, eating samosas n chocolates (I still don't when it comes to chocolates n samosas :P) or laughing loudly... so coming to your question yups I do get nervous doing those crazy adventures but not coz something mite go wrong, that thought never crosses my mind...never did n never will.

Ohhh I also did few normal yet exciting things on my holiday, one of which am sure we all always dream of...visiting the chocolate and cheese factory in Switzerland :) There is a train called Chocolate Train that takes you to the chocolate and cheese factories and if you plan to visit Switzerland this is something you shouldn't miss.

 A comfortable journey in Chocolate Train

Cheese Factory at Gruyeres 

Unlimited chocolate treat at Cailler Chocolate Factory :):):):):):)

I am a dreamer and so my list of dreams never seems to end, being a mumbaikar the one thing that I had never experienced is snowfall, playing in the snow... making a snowman :) n that's exactly what I enjoyed on my trip to Jungfrau, the top most point in Europe and Glacier 3000.

Lots more to share with ya all in my next post till then have a superrrrrrrr se bhi uparrrrr day

Priya :)

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