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Thursday, April 28, 2011


COLOURS, they're all around us, from the bright yellow rays of the rising sun to the various tints of blue in the wide spread sky, from the array of greens in your garden to the assortments of pinks in your makeup box, from the breath taking flight of a macaw to excited glide of trying your newest eyeshadow ahem ahem you beauties get the picture ;D

COLOURS.....from the beautiful flutter of a butterfly's wings to the colourful collection of your summer flip flops, from the unique flush of a toucan's beak to the medley of colours in tropical fruits.....

....from the splash of colours in Holi to the big bash of Diwali

COLOURS, they're an integral part of our lives...from hot to cold, from pastels to bold, from classy to funky, from delicate to chunky, you find 'em everywhere. They cheer us, they make us smile, they make us flush with anger, and they also makes us blush with pride. They enliven us, they enlighten us, in totality they define us. So folks thank the lord for we are the lucky ones who can see this very beauty that surrounds us...so which COLOUR did you pick today?? :D

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Nail Art, Sunny Designs

Hiya Folks,
Summer is here and so time to flaunt a huge array of vibrant colours. With floral colours and prints in vogue I decided to use it in my nail art. This post is dedicated to a fellow blogger Sumitha who inspired me to try out vibrant colours that were totally out of character for me and indeed it turned out to be a lovely experience, to let my imagination soar :D

The base coat is a satin green from colourbar and electric blue and solid gold colours used for the floral design.

Will be posting few more pics soon with different patterns and splash of vibrant colours, njoy :D

Also do visit http://bebeauty-licious.blogspot.com for lovely nail art done by Sumitha.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Maybelline Gel Eyeliner

Hiyaaaaa lovely ladies.
Today will be reviewing Maybelline Eyestudio Gel Eyeliner.

From the very time I saw the Movie "Jab We Met" I was fascinated by the character GEET and the feature that struck me most were her impish eyes.

What made 'em all the more vivacious was the beautifully applied eyeliner. So I tried umpteen times to get a kohl, eyeliner, eye-pencil anything that would give a nice smooth application with intense black colour and most importantly wouldn't smudge away. I have dark circles under ma eyes and have very watery eyes that are extremly sensitive, so even a trip in the sun, a spoon of spicy food, a sip of steaming coffee or a slight wave of emotion turns 'em into pools, so u can understand I'm plagued with Racoon eyes since the time I started using eyeliners. Yes, I have tried the very best but non of 'em made me jump with joy screaming "EUREKAA!"... I got it :P but this beauty did .... I am really thrilled :)

It comes in intense black gel that's very easy to apply with a eyeliner brush that comes along with it. The product claims to be water-proof, smudge proof and is sweat and tear resistant. I was concerned bout applying it n my lower eyelids...so here goes.

Without eyeliner

With eyeliner on the upper eyelids ( Lakme )

With Maybelline Gel Eyeliner on lower eyelids

Was loving the look so clicked away :D

It's been 6hrs since I applied it and it has stayed put without smudging et'll. With 2.8 g product and priced at Rs.375/- is an excellent buy.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Movie Masti

Hiya Folks!
Today will be reviewing the move "Thank You". Starring Akshay Kumar paired wid Vidya Baalan (Guest appearance) , Bobby Deol wid Sonam Kapoor, Sunil Shetty wid Celina Jaitley and Irrfan Khan wid Rimmi Sen. The Movie ain't even remotely related to it's title, on the contrary the entire ploy revolves round ungrateful husbands with chronic infidelity. Directed by Anees Bazmee, Thank You is akin to his movie "No entry". After a long lull in new movie releases ThankYou seemed to be a breath of fresh air but to me it was just another movie to pass your time.
The movie revolves round cliche storyline based on infidelity and and is packed with skimpily clad women, songs in the form of unnecessary distractions and hideous comedy, also Sonam Kapoor needs a good makeup artist :P honest.
All in all it's better to watch this movie when it comes on TV in a month or so, atleast that way you'll have the liberty to change the channel when it get's unbearable, which is the scenario from the minute it starts.
Personally I think a comic movie should be a nice break from the daily grind, but under the tag of slapstick comedy film makers are making contemptible movies that as much as we hate to agree is passing on wrong messages to the youths. The words like Fun n Enjoyment have attained a very different connotation altogether. Keeping the gyaan aside and speaking bout the movie, dn't like it at all, go shopping instead ;D

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Hiya Folks!
Sorry for the delay in uploading world cup videos, still need to edit 'em and upload the best ones.
Okies so as we all are trying to hunt for the best lotions, potions and creams to ward off harsh sun rays, what makes this already confusing task all the more perplexing is the assortment of companies trying to promote their product. So after trying out several sunscreens finally zeroed down on this beauty....why? u'll know as you read on ;D

Firstly since I have combination skin my skin tends to become very oily when I use a sunscreen esp when the temperature is soaring, it causes my skin to look a lil darker as well as washes away my makeup, also at times causes breakouts, so to conclude it leaves me frustrated. Finally after eyeing it for few days I thought might as well try this out and it was a like a nice cool wave in this scorcher, equipped with SPF 30 and Helioplex, patented formulation for broad spectrum UVA/UVB .
For more info click HERE

Secondly since it comes in a spray form it's very handy and extremely useful when you're out and don't have the liberty to reapply any sunblock.
Thirdly it has a very mild fragrance and doesn't make the skin look oily since it's oil free and my makeup loves it too ;). The best part of this bargain is this sunblock is waterproof and sweatproof, priced at Rs.500/- is a great buy. If you still think regular usage will burn a hole in your pocket then just use it for your face and neck and a different sunblock in cream form with a higher spf if possible for your hands and legs, yes legs coz they tend to tan more or coz they ain't on the same priority scale as da face.

So speaking bout my verdict, this is a must buy. Just a word of caution, DO NOT SPRAT IT DIRECTLY ON UR FACE, sprays it in da palm of you hands and then apply it on your face. Take Care and Njoy da summers B-)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Makeup: Lakme Nine to Five Mascara

Hello Beauties,
Today will be reviewing Lakme nine to five mascara that I've been using for quite some time. A good buy, compared to Maybelling Define-A-Lash Maskara and Revlon Lash Fantasy Maskara I would definitely pick this one, having used the other two.
I'm using it pretty often for over 3mths now and the pros being till date, have not faced any problems like clumping or product drying out.With a sleek black packaging that's easy to carry around with your makeup stuff and stays put for a pretty long time.
Speaking about the cons it ain't easy to remove so you need a good remover, also it dose not give a very dramatic effect with thick long lashes.
Priced at Rs. 375/- INR (Might have changed since I bought it) for product of 7.5ml is a good buy if you want a natural look and will be using it on regular basis. Just one coat works for me.

This is how it looks after 8 hours in the sun and splashing my face with water twice during this period.

My verdict, I would definitely buy it again.