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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Oriflame Very Me Eyeshadows

Hiya Folks,
Hope you all had an awesome weekend. I too had a blast and a much needed break, caught up on my beauty sleep and skin care regime but that's not what i'll be posting today. Today wanna share my views on Oriflame Very Me Eyeshadows, Blue Envy and Cocoa Glaze. These cuties were gifted to me by a new found friend, Rohini. The best part bout her being, shez as enthusiastic shopaholic as me :)
So speaking bout these beauties....
....They come in a super cute packaging, that has a see through cover so they are easy to locate in my pile of cosmetics :P also they are very easy to carry around due to a very sleek covering.

There are 2 colours in each pakage, one light the other dark so one can create lovely hues and use the darker one for conturing and on brow bones too.

I'm not aware of the price since they were gifted to me but after my RnD they seem to be somewhere around 225/- INR a piece.

There texture is powdery so a primer, bit of petroleum jelly, cold cream or a moisturizer is required to act as a good base.

BLUE ENVY comes with one shade being a very lighter shade of ultra marine blue and the other being a slate grey.

COCOA GLAZE comes with one shade being a dark ivory as you can see and the other being a lovely shade of burnt amber.
I would suggest you folks to use BLUE ENVY in the night coz it imparts a very intense look to da eyes which looks gud at nighttime and not in broad daylight.

COCOA GLAZE can be worn at all times since it's a regular daily wear eye shadow duo and having said that it's become my personal favorite :)

That's me wearing BLUE ENVY while going out with my younger sis on saturday, we had planned a nice getaway with shopping, eating and some more shopping :P but this look was so intense she just would not go out with me. Although I tried explaining to her , the look was especially for my auditions in next Batman series but she wouldn't budge :P he he!

You'll understand when I tell you that my pesky sis is quite my opposite when it comes to makeup and otherwise also, she hates it to the extent that she doesn't even wear a tinted lip-gloss :p what a tomboy, I know coz I was just da same and then I fell in love ... Ahem Ahem so coming back to these lovelies, yes do check 'em out.

Hope you liked da look I tried to create, a dramatic one with a thick layer of
click on above links for reviews of these products.

Chalo then lovelies I'll be off to bed coz weekends are a time for calorie overloads, speaking of which I chowed down an awesome dessert in da noon that was made of a creamy chocolate ice cream and crushed Oreo cookies.

These cookies are dark and crunchy and taste just yummy when spooned with a creamy chocolate ice-cream, do try out this deadly combi when things don't go as planned and trust me it will instantly cheer you up :) so with all those calories and blabbering am feeling drowsy, off to bed, long week ahead, take care and SMILE, it's the best gift you can give to someone but more importantly it's the best gift you can give urself, arriosssss amigos! Gudnite :)

Lotsa Love Always
Priyanka :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Loreal Base Magique Primer

Hiya Friends
Hope you fellas has an awesome weekend, I know Mondays are always a drag for the working class but chow down a good meal and pull up ur socks to cruise through this week. So coming to todays review, I had read in so many beauty mags and blogs bout a primer. Well for those of you who know nuthing bout it, it acts as a base for your makeup, evens out your skin and hides open pores thereby giving a nice smooth base for your makeup. It also helps for retaining the makeup for a longer time. Phewww now that you know bout it let me also tell you I love doing makeup and I use it everyday but I don't use a primer. On days when the skin feels oily I use Lakme 2 in 1 makeup remover and toner and then apply my sunscreen or moisturizer as base for my makeup but I was bitten with the pimer bug and was on a primer hunt. Max Factor, Chambor, Maybelline, Lakme, Revlon....none of 'em had a primer so finally I bought the first Primer that I came across, Loreal Base Magique Primer.
I always try to find the good in sumthing that's not so good but honestly this product is of no good and if this is a primer then I'd rather use wax :P am sorry don't wanna be a critic but honestly don't ever ever go for this product. I use MAC Prolong concealer and when I applied it on this waxy layer or so called primer it made a sticky ikky layer on my skin and made my face look ghostly, just back from the burial ground.... I wonder do they use this in Ramsay films :P jokes apart this isn't a product one should splurge on, if this even remotely defines a primer trust me u're better off widout it. Priced at Rs 800 is not 'et all worth the buy. I was so so excited to have finally found a primer that I bought 2.... Big Mistake! Niways I know I won't buy it ever again, wonder if I can use it as varnish or gloss for my furniture :P:P:P:P.....
Chalo then wil be off to grab a bite, you guys take care n have a fantabulous week ahead...chao!

Lotsa Love n Tones of Smiles
Priyanka :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Vega Straightening Hair Brush

Hiya Friends,
Hope you all are njoying your weekend, after a long time am spending it lazing away on my couch listening to my favorite music, chomping down my fav choco chip cookies and tapping away on my laptop with mblaze plugged in, oh the wonders of technology :) today just decided to take a much needed break away from deadlines and to do lists, have planned for a nice body massage, home cooked lunch by my mom n small nap :) then will be again back to my running around town doing work and catching up with friends in evening ;)
Hmmm so comming back to the product review, I picked up this product for my younger sis since she has frizzy hair and blowdries them after every wash. It makes blow driying a lil more easier but first you need to apply serum and comb your hair then take lil strands of hair and with the help of this brush and blow dry 'em

The finish of this product is really good.

It has a locking mechanism at the bottom of the brush thus makes it easier to carry and store.

It has tiny natural boar bristles that pick up tiny stray strands of hair and has a vented ceramic plate that allows warm air from the dryer to circulate.

It is a good product specially for those who don't like flat or straightened hair but natural looking and manageable hair with volume

Although the pakaging says useful for medium to long hair, my personal opinion is it works for hair of any length. Priced at INR 390/- is a good buy.

Chalo then folks, have a blast and take care of yourself coz the best gift life has given you is Life itself :D

Lotsa Love n Tones of Smiles

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A regular Sunday Yet Very Special In It's Own Way!

Hiya Friends, It has been a Sunday full of pleasant surprises, but one such pleasant surprise was meeting my very very special friend of 10yrs "Sag" aka Sagar.... we met after almost 1 year, 11mths and 21 days to be precise :) na na am not the Subodh types from Dil Chahata Hai or a Hum Tum saying 1st March koh Nazr Milayai, 6 June koh mein milne aayi.... :P just remember that day since it was a special day last yr for me..... ahem so cuming back to the present....Sag for me is the only friend whith whom I've never even had an argument or even a minute disagreement for that matter, well yes when you meet once a year one can't afford to argue but other than that it's just coz of the way he is, always calm and composed.... we don't meet often, we don't call or sms for months but I always know deep down inside hez there.... just the very thought is comforting and when we do meet we catch up again on the good old times.... cribbing bout work n inflation, discussing all things happening in our lives, it just never feels that am meeting him after a long gap.... I guess that's what friendship is all bout, just being there, right Sag :) ....... while I waited for him and debated on what to do i hit upon a jackpot.... I was at the chocolate room soothing my senses with the whiffs of chocolate surrounding me and since my buddy was an hr late I gave in to my temptation and hunger and ordered a warm walnut brownie and classic hot chocolate.... the brownie was nice but the Hot Chocolate..... OMG was just mind blowing.... I've had HC lotsa times, CCD, Georgia Cafe, Barista but nuthing beats this.... for those who just wana indulge do try it out.... it was so creamy....gooey and chocolaty with very lil sweetness, to sum it up was just perfect! It was pouring outside and mast thandi mein garma garam HC.... i honestly was finding it difficul;t not to make those seductive noises after every sip....ummmm annnnn phewwwww u get the picture right ;).... after that I grabbed a subway sandwich and after me n my friend parted....insane as it may sound I went back again with my chocoholic younger sister and again had nother cuppa of this sinful n addictive drink...yummmm...... so the day was lovely.... hope you folks too had an awesome weekend

This is exactly how it looks and how it's served ;) ummmmmm

Lotsa Love

Priyanka :)

P.S. Thanx a lot shekhar, you know for what :)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Street Wear Stay On Blush, Peach Satin

Hey Beauties,

Hope you all doing great : ) life is busier than ever for me so pardon me for very irregular posts but honestly trying my best to share my views with you guys…also in the world of makeup and skin care have lodes of reviews to share but long work hrs was making it impossible for me to click picks but as the saying goes there is no such thing as impossible, so my solution was to wake up a bit more early and hope that the morning would start on a sunny note so can get bright and clear pics for you folks.So sharing with you few pics clicked at 6 in da morning ; )

Blushes as we all know add that warm rosy glow to your cheeks and the colours and brands competing for your attention are countless. I use a 6 colour Meylon blush palett, pic to be uploaded....

This gorgeous pallet has beautiful colours but the Con is it doesn’t stay for long and also I can’t carry that palette around in my purse, and I need that rosy glow more than ever when I catch up with friends after work hrs, so need a blush that will work in da day as well as night, also it should look like a blush and not a paint pot :P for my wheatish skin tone pink stands out, a lite peach is good but then that doesn’t go too well in the night so I set out on the weekend on a blush hunt a “Peachy Pink” blush ;) tried out many brands and finally zeroed in on this one. A PEACH SATIN blush from Street Wear….

  • It’s a very pretty peachy pink colour
  • Has a very very lil shimmer that adds a mild glow to my cheeks.

  • The colour is very subtle thereby making it look very natural.
  • Is from the long stay range by street wear and promises to stay for 8hrs, when your surroundings get humid just dab at your skin and not rub it away only then dose it live up to it's promise.

  • The packaging is not outta this world but not too bad either, the brush that comes along with it is not praiseworthy but will be useful in times of emergency.

  • Comes with a mirror which is a plus.
  • Priced at Rs.450/- is a good buy and will last me a very long time.

Chalo then friends, I’ll be off as I’m too sleepy and just need to crash on my bed that looks pretty inviting , take care of yourself and smile away coz no amount of makeup can beat the magical effect that ur lovely smile can create….. ;)

Lotsa Love

Priyanka : )