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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Hiya Friends,
How ya all doing? me having a fab day so far, had a good night's sleep n woke up to an irresistible aroma wafting through the house, na it wasn't waffle but they were moms mixed grains paratha with a dollop of Amul butter on it ;) haan haan workout karoungi baba don't worry...

... after such an awesome breakfast n a huge mug of ginger tea(my all time fav) I sat down writing my book....it's a lovely feeling, a full tummy, chilly weather  n watching the sun rising from the window....the sheer positivity surrounding me and the warmth gradually spreading....watching the flight of birds....here the lil one's chirp...:) if u're one of the few who love to wakeup before the dawn dawns then you know the peace n quite..... the inner peace to watch the world rise n all u sleepy heads atleast haftemein 1day wake up early, trust me u'll love it....put on ur headphones n play a soft piece n write down the things you really want to change in ur life n watch the miracle happen....trust me it dose happen.....speaking outta experience n yeah when they do happen cross 'em off and thank the forces that made it come true :D... this is a method I follow since I read "The Secret" ..... Waaaaweeee it really works....I had asked for a sweet treat n look at that, dad just came n got this....:):):):):):):)

while I njoy my sweet treat you fellas go ahead n njoy every task you do today, it's the start of a brand new week....feel the magic around you n b thankful for all that you have n get ready for all the lovely things that are bout to fill your life....njoy ur existence...watch the smiles surrounding you n lemme know the best smile you spotted today that made you realize....Life Truly Rocks!!

Wish you all a Merry N Smiley Filled Christmas :D

Love Always
Priya :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A smile filled day :):):):):):))

Hiya Fellas  J
What!!!! Yeah yeah I do have a stupid grin plastered across my face coz I just ate my all time favorite  meal, Butterchicken with tandooor roti….

 PAPI!!!! I heard that vegetarians…. Am sorry if that has offended you guys in any way but it’s my all time fav meal, nothere reason for this Smile is just got a cal from my school buddy after 14 years, ok don’t beat me up, I know I always have these drastic n many years of separation before I meet my friends…. Na it’s not like that it’s just we at times get so carried away or go our separate paths that r quite demanding…..niways I don’t wana get all nostalgic but it’ a gr8 day to reunite wid friends who have seen me as I am, or rather was…. A girl wid two ponys, chubby, dancing in school shows, loosing temper during debates, panicking when the homework was not done…the stupid excuses to avoid that " Homework not done" remark in my calendar….that fastest run n longest sprint to reach before the school bell…that wada-pav n donuts in the canteen….. ironing the uniform n polishing shoes …my daily ritual…. The hard time waking up lil sis for school n the lost temper till she was finally ready….the every single day giggling n the every single night wishing I’d grow up n go to college where there would be no homework n no uniform…. That preparation for examz… long sleepless nights n sleepy afternoons…. Chowing down one chocolate after nother without bothering bout calories….being spoilt rotten by my grandpa n aunts by giving me anything n everything I asked for…which mostly was chocolate or colours J….. the meaning of world was….grandpa chocolates….games…puzzles…stickers….colours n my best friends…..:P those who share their chocolates wid me, that was a definition of a true friend :P….

…..I can go on n on but u fellas get the picture don’t ya J …. So all u reading this post, relive all the happy memories when u were in school n go do something crazy today… something exciting…..something fun…. You treat all ur loved ones it’s time you treated urself to ur favorite childhood delight…have fun!

Lotsa Love
Priya J

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Heartfelt Feelings

Hi All,
Was just lying on my bed n feeling bad for hurting a special person and in just 5 mins composed these lines... felt like sharing 'em wid you coz they're straight from the heart.

A careless moment, a thoughtless action, a hurtful word or simply a silent treatment.....leaves us scarred, our beliefs charred, hope shaken, faith broken...Don't act in a way that will bring a tear, avoid hurting the one you call " My Dear"


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Happy B'day Baba

Today is my Dad's B'day. Hez been my strength n my rock of gibralter. He has turned me into a very strong, independent woman n yes a good cook as well coz I've learned how to cook from my Baba :)

I came home late yesterday n was a lil upset since both my owens were unavailable and I bake a cake for everyone's b'day in the family. Also Dad hates cream cakes so I also didn't have an option to get a pretty cake from a nearby cake shop :( I came home quite late n thought of making one in the microvewave ( I don't like to cook in a microwave) I looked around for eggs n was dismayed since there were non, eggless keliye bhi na condence milk tha aur na ni cola drink, worst of worst I didn't even have butter :( but as the saying goes, fortune favors the brave, inspite of Dad telling me to chill n just rest after a hectic day I just so badly waned to bake atleast a tiny dryfruit cake for him.

When dad thought me to cook he said always understand the ingredients, how they will react with eachother. A good cook is the one who can understand how a dish will taste by understand the ingredients, once u understand that u'll never need a cook book ; ) so I decided to put his advice into practice n baked a cake in the following manner...

Wet Mixture

  1. 2cups Milk
  2. 1+1/4rh cup regular Sugar
  3. 2 Tsp Suji aka Rawa
I mixed all the above ingrediets in a Non-stickpan n gently let it cook n reduce on a very low flame.
Then after I achieved a mild cream colour n a thick mixture I added 2Tsp Ghee n 2 Tsp regular cooking Oil + half tsp Mixed Fruit essence n again mixed it throughly till the Oil was compleatly mixed with the batter.

Dry Mixture
  1. 1 cup Maida
  2. 2 Pinch Soda Bicarb
  3. 2 Tbs Cocoa Powder
Shift all the above ingredients with a strainer n then add Cashew n Rasins as per taste.Grease a microwave proof container, preferably glass one.
Mix the Dry n Wet ingredients together n pour into the greased bowl. Here I did not wait for the wet mixture to cool down, it was almost 12 na :)

Grill + Convection for 12 mins n walla! Your cake is ready :)

The best part was Dad loved the cake, did I mention hez a food critic, totally! so he needs every dish to be just perfect n my happiness knew no bonds when he said It is one of my best cakes :D

The cross section looked superb, cake was moist n cocoa n nuts tasted lovely together, due to Suji it was a bit granular n tasted like there was Khoya in it ;)

Happy Birthday Baba, Love U!

Sonu :) aka Priyanka

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Rimmel Lipstick

Hiya Folks,
Was hunting for a blush n came across this beauty n like always knew I had to have it, that's a different story I forgot all bout the blush n bought this n a mascara instead  :P he he.
It's a lovely lippie from Rimmel, No.250 with a very catchy name " Stare At Me"  :) well it dose live upto it's name when it comes to people staring at you but that's more coz of the lovely plummy pink colour of this beauty. It's a matt finish lippie n if you have clapped or dry lips don't go for this one coz it makes ur lips look all da more dry, yes it can be teamed up with a gloss or lip balm but then it's staying power will go down to 1-2 hrs which otherwise is 5-6 hrs for me after it fades leaving behind a nice pinkish tint on ur lips.

Rimmel Lippie No.250, Stare At Me

Personally have loved the colour n defines the lips beautifully, smooth texture n a very funky outer casing in bright pink.Has a fruity smell, dn't like it very much though. 
Priced at INR 415/- is a good buy 

Can be worn during da day time, not gaudy or loud for daily wear and will suit any skin tone. 

Me flaunting this beauty, hope u liked da colour

Am doing Shravani, so eat only once a day but trust me you really start valuing food, realize how much n what you carelessly put in ur mouth at other times n also miss all the cookies n pastries that otherwise you just dig into when u need a mood life :) phewwww missing my walnut brownine with a huge dollop of ice-cream :P

Love Always
Priyanka :D

Monday, July 30, 2012

Loreal Infalliible Lasting Perfecting Foundation

Hiya Folks,
I got loads of presents on my b'day n since am a makeup lover got beautiful hamper from my best buddy Shekhar that was full of Enrich Salon Gift vouchers, lippies, nail lacquers and Loreal Infalliible Lasting Perfecting Foundation. I've come across this foundation but since am an ardent believer in MAC I passed this very tempting buy n moved on but since was gifted this on my B'day I tried it out n Smiled :) It's a very light formulation that glides on beautifully n a very tiny pea size amount is requied for my entire face.

It claims to last for upto 16hrs and fights the signs of makeup meltdown....so me being me I tried it out on my hand n trust me on this it stayed put for next 20hrs .... that was when I decided to test it by applying it for a very crucial event....A dance show in which I was to participate which would expose this foundation to humidity, moisture and also long hrs in da waiting area :P and babes this stuff works.

The foundation lasted through this all and if you can spot me in the pic below, these pic was taken after the dance n the makeup still looked fresh after 7 hrs.

The Shade am using is Golden Beige, and priced at INR 1195/- is a good buy and will last for a very long time.

At the time of application make sure u've moisturised ur face n at the time of purchase make sure u've bought the shade closest to ur skin tone, a lighter shade will not make you look fair but will make ur makeup stand out, so go by ur instinct n pick the right shade. Happy Shopping...

Lotsa Love Always
Priyanka ;)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Heeeeeeyyyyyyy :):):):):):)

Hiya Fellas :D
It's been ages since I've blogged n honestly have missed u all, how've you all been doing?? Whats up in ur world  n our facinating world of beauty??? So much to share n so much to hear from you all.... as of now just a quick peek on the upcomming review of ....

And this is how it looks on MEEEEE :D

Till then Take Care......Lotsa Love
Priyanka :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Blog Sale, take ur pick

Hiya Friends,
So here is the blog sale, before you make a pick just wanna welcome you all for dropping by n may all you makeup lovers get a new delight to add to your adorable stash...

  • Sale for Indian residents and price quoted is in rupees 
  • All products are sanitized.
  • Products will be bubble wrapped at the time of shipping
  • purchase prices of few products are not known so have stated approx values for the same
  • All products are exactly in same condition as shown in the pics
  • Products will be dispatched after order confirmation by depositing the sale amount in my account
  • Shipping charges included.....so here goes....

Product: Maybelline White Stay Press powder in Light Ivory (SOLD)
Purchase Price: 150/-
Sale Price: 100/-
The product is used twice and dose not have an applicator along with it. 

Product: Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse in 4, Nude Light (SOLD)
Purchase Price: 499/-
Sale Price: 250/-
The product has been swatched just once

Product: Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick, BR41 Winstor Rose (SOLD)
Purchase Price: 200+
Sale Price: 100/-
The product was brought online from shoppers stop and the tip was a bit damaged when I received da parcel, is swatched only once.It is a reddish orange shade n is for those who can carry bold colours.

Product: Chambor wet and dry powder foundation, Dual Walnut 103 (SOLD)
Purchase Price: 700 +
Sale Price: 400/-
The product is used twice and has a brush applicator along with it

Product: Deborah Blush in 58 Paprika ( SOLD )
Purchase Price: 450+
Sale Price: 350/-
The product is brand new and has never been used.Comes with a cute retractable brush that is attached at the bottom of the blush. 

Product: Maybelline Lip Gloss in Wine all mine (SOLD)
Purchase Price: 250/-
Sale Price: 100/-
The product is used only once and is a deep plum colour.

Product: MAC studio fix concealer in NC 45
Purchase Price: 1000/-
Sale Price: 750/-
The product is used only once and is know as one of the best concealers, also it goes a long way

Product: Faces lip coat (SOLD)
Purchase Price: 450/-
Sale Price: 350/-
The product is brand new and can be used as top coat for any lipstick to make it last long. 

Product: Lakme Nine to Five Eyeliner in Sapphire (SOLD)
Purchase Price: 295/-
Sale Price: 180/-
The product is used only once and is a deep blue colour that is very elegant

Product: John Frieda Frizz Ease Hair Mist ( SOLD )
Purchase Price: 450/-
Sale Price: 300/-
The product is used only once and imparts high shine to da hair

Product: Maybelline Super Stay Lippies, 705 rasberry, 725 flame, 745 wine ( from left to right )
Purchase Price: 350/- each
Sale Price: 150/-
Only the gloss from this product is used twice, the lippies have never been used.
705 rasberry is a lovely magenta colour
- 725 flame is a bold sindoor red, very sultry
745 wine is a lighter red that is lovely for parties or weddings

Product: VOV Long Lasting Matte Lipstick in 11 cabernet
Purchase Price: 200/-
Sale Price: 100/-

It is a plummy red colour, used once

Product: Cover Girl Long Stay Lipstick n Gloss Duo (SOLD)
Purchase Price: 400+ 
Sale Price: 150/-

It is a lovely peachy shade and has been used twice. 

Product: Miss Claire Lipstick, No.48 (SOLD)
Purchase Price: 200/-
Sale Price: 100/-

It is a dark reddish brown colour, has only been swatched once

For any queries or payment details kindly mail me at priyanka4friends@yahoo.co.in.... take care n njoy shopping....ciao, gudnite.

Love Always
Priyanka :D