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Monday, February 27, 2012

Peachy Peach, Da Look

Hiya Fellas,
Hope you all have kick started ur week on a very happy and chirpy note. My day was good, today while leaving for work clicked a few quick pics, reason I waned to share wid you one of my all time fav looks, the peachy peach look :) This is generally da kinda makeup I wear daily to work.

Ingredients for the look...:)

  • Mac Studio Fix Concealer
  • Lakme Absolute Compact in 01. Ivory Fair
  • Revlon Colourstay Mineral Finishing Powder in Brighten Eclatant 
  • Bourjois Blush in Lilas D'or which happens to be a peachy pink blush
  • A peachy eye shadow from my Just Gold Pallet
  • Bourjois Fast and Perfect Rotating Mascara 
  • Lakme Eyeliner
  • Max Factor Colour Elixir Listick in Burnt Caramel

Hope you liked this look, do lemme know ur views bout da same.

Lotsa Love Always
Priyanka :)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Review of 2 more additions to my stash from da Lakme Absolute range

Yello Beautiful People :)
Hope you folks are having a gr8 weekend, ok ok plz don't pull my ear, am sooooooo sorry for not posting the Absolute Liplast n Compact review that most of ya have been waiting for..he he ( a cute smile :D ) hope this works but honestly folks have had a crazy n hectic week. Hmmm so sipping a cold coffee n chowing down a carrot walnut cake...what!!! I've already done my share of workout for the week so all my calorie conscious buddies can take a chill pill n let me njoy my sweet treat... yummmmm! Ahem ahem so coming to the review.... I've loved both products and Lakme Absolute range has made a place in my list of favorites.

Me, I had experimented a lot when it came to buying foundation and compact untill I hit upon MAC Studio Fix n then that was da end of my hunt. All the pics except in this and previous post I've used MAC Studio Fix Compact and since then have been so very rigid bout trying any new compact or powder. I tried quite a few products from Lakme Absolute range and liked 'em and since the SA kept coxing me to give it a try I just swatched the compact on my hand, the minute I swatched I felt it was too white for my liking and would give a fake and zombie type look :P so dn't give it nother thought till I saw my hand 6 hrs later n the compact was still there n had blended beautifully with my skin colour. That was when I felt my be I should give it a try n it ain't as expensive as MAC so I could splurge.

I was also concerned that would it go with my concealer and was hoping it would not settle in fine lines under the eyes. I've used it 7 days back n since then have been hooked. I won't call it a substitute for MAC studio Fix but yeah I've loved this product and it's staying power which is 6-7 hrs on my face, also one needs very little product.

The best way to apply it is with a brush n is a wet and dry compact so for the Night Life a wet sweep will do the trick.

Enriched with Vit B3 and SPF 17 UVA/ UVB, it also claims to contain Hyaluronic acid that hydrates your skin. I googled bout Hyaluronic Acid and got this info... Is found in many high quality products and has a major role in tissue hydration, lubrication and with other vitamins contributes in different aspects of cellular function.

Packaging is nice and classy but with the glossy casing you need to keep it in a black pouch which comes along wid it.

Priced at INR 550/- is a good buy.

                                           Absolute Wet & Dry Compact in  01,Ivory Fair

Lakme Absolute Liplast is nother product I've been eagerly waiting for especially after it was mentioned by Kareena Kapoor as one of her favorite product from this range. I loved the ease of application but on the 1st go I was about loose my cool as I was clicking away at the pen type applicator to get the product and after a few clicks to my horror it got stuck :O but that was only for the first time I used it, never have had a problem after that. The colour is beautiful but it tends to dry my lips when worn alone so need to team it with a gloss and once u've applied gloss it's claim of being transfer resistant goes out da window :P. So to speak of it's staying power, it lasts upto 5 hrs max on my glossy lips and fades leaving behind a pinkish tint on my lips. Let me add to that am not too careful when it comes to being poised and lady like when I eat or dink or chatter away so my lipcolours tend to fade quite faster and other that the product I could also be the reason for such lil staying power of this beauty. 

Priced at INR 575/- I find it quite nice. 

Absolute Liplast in Night Glam

Me wearing Absolute Wet & Dry Compact in  01,Ivory Fair and Night Glam Liplast + Plum & Shine Lipgloss in Beige Shine

The Lakme Absolute range claims to last for upto 16hrs but of all the products I've tried from this range not even one has lasted for more than 8 hrs but I don't find that as a big con considering the over all packaging, the product quality and it's pricing. I find this range quite nice and am hoarding quite a few products from this fab range :)

Take Care fellas n have an awesome n relaxing Sunday....c ya

Lodes of Love

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lakme Absolute...2 more additions to my stash

Hiya Fellas,
Hope you all had a fab weekend, just a really quick take on Lakme Absolute Compact and Liplast, long stay lipcolour. This brand has suddenly gone in my list of favorites after launching the absolute range. I seem to kinds like all the products and was eagerly awaiting the launch of liplast, finally got it 2 days back n have loved it.

Will be reviewing these products tomorrow for now just few pics...


 Lakme Liplast: Night Glam

Me wearing Absolute compact and Night Glam Liplast.

Me wearing Absolute Wet & Dry Compact in  01,Ivory Fair and Night Glam Liplast + Plum & Shine Lipgloss in Beige Shine

YAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWNNN! chalo folks me off to bed,  gudnite :)

Lotsa Love
Priyanka :)