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Monday, April 23, 2012

Blog Sale, take ur pick

Hiya Friends,
So here is the blog sale, before you make a pick just wanna welcome you all for dropping by n may all you makeup lovers get a new delight to add to your adorable stash...

  • Sale for Indian residents and price quoted is in rupees 
  • All products are sanitized.
  • Products will be bubble wrapped at the time of shipping
  • purchase prices of few products are not known so have stated approx values for the same
  • All products are exactly in same condition as shown in the pics
  • Products will be dispatched after order confirmation by depositing the sale amount in my account
  • Shipping charges included.....so here goes....

Product: Maybelline White Stay Press powder in Light Ivory (SOLD)
Purchase Price: 150/-
Sale Price: 100/-
The product is used twice and dose not have an applicator along with it. 

Product: Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse in 4, Nude Light (SOLD)
Purchase Price: 499/-
Sale Price: 250/-
The product has been swatched just once

Product: Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick, BR41 Winstor Rose (SOLD)
Purchase Price: 200+
Sale Price: 100/-
The product was brought online from shoppers stop and the tip was a bit damaged when I received da parcel, is swatched only once.It is a reddish orange shade n is for those who can carry bold colours.

Product: Chambor wet and dry powder foundation, Dual Walnut 103 (SOLD)
Purchase Price: 700 +
Sale Price: 400/-
The product is used twice and has a brush applicator along with it

Product: Deborah Blush in 58 Paprika ( SOLD )
Purchase Price: 450+
Sale Price: 350/-
The product is brand new and has never been used.Comes with a cute retractable brush that is attached at the bottom of the blush. 

Product: Maybelline Lip Gloss in Wine all mine (SOLD)
Purchase Price: 250/-
Sale Price: 100/-
The product is used only once and is a deep plum colour.

Product: MAC studio fix concealer in NC 45
Purchase Price: 1000/-
Sale Price: 750/-
The product is used only once and is know as one of the best concealers, also it goes a long way

Product: Faces lip coat (SOLD)
Purchase Price: 450/-
Sale Price: 350/-
The product is brand new and can be used as top coat for any lipstick to make it last long. 

Product: Lakme Nine to Five Eyeliner in Sapphire (SOLD)
Purchase Price: 295/-
Sale Price: 180/-
The product is used only once and is a deep blue colour that is very elegant

Product: John Frieda Frizz Ease Hair Mist ( SOLD )
Purchase Price: 450/-
Sale Price: 300/-
The product is used only once and imparts high shine to da hair

Product: Maybelline Super Stay Lippies, 705 rasberry, 725 flame, 745 wine ( from left to right )
Purchase Price: 350/- each
Sale Price: 150/-
Only the gloss from this product is used twice, the lippies have never been used.
705 rasberry is a lovely magenta colour
- 725 flame is a bold sindoor red, very sultry
745 wine is a lighter red that is lovely for parties or weddings

Product: VOV Long Lasting Matte Lipstick in 11 cabernet
Purchase Price: 200/-
Sale Price: 100/-

It is a plummy red colour, used once

Product: Cover Girl Long Stay Lipstick n Gloss Duo (SOLD)
Purchase Price: 400+ 
Sale Price: 150/-

It is a lovely peachy shade and has been used twice. 

Product: Miss Claire Lipstick, No.48 (SOLD)
Purchase Price: 200/-
Sale Price: 100/-

It is a dark reddish brown colour, has only been swatched once

For any queries or payment details kindly mail me at priyanka4friends@yahoo.co.in.... take care n njoy shopping....ciao, gudnite.

Love Always
Priyanka :D

Monday, April 2, 2012

Maybelline Swirl Gel Eyeliner + Dream Touch Blush

Hiya Fellas,
Maybelline Swirl Gel Eyeliner + Dream Touch Blush, these 2 products of late are few of the much talked bout goodies. I've been meaning to review 'em for quite sumtime and I happened to come across reviews written by one of my fellow bloggers Zara from http://www.wiseshe.com. She has reviewed both the products beautifully so instead of again reinventing the wheel let me just request you all to visit the following links for the product reviews....

Click for Maybelline Swirl Gel Eyeliner in brown and gold

Click for Maybelline Swirl Gel Eyeliner in black and silver

Click for Maybelline Dream Touch Blush in No. 05 and 07

Few pics... just a visual treat :)

Maybelline Swirl Gel Eyeliner in Brown&Gold

Maybelline Swirl Gel Eyeliner in Brown&Gold...Brown,Gold and Blend of Both Colours

                                                  Maybelline Dream Touch Blush in 05

I personally loved the liner due to it's smooth texture and lovely brown colour that even when applied really thick dose not look loud. Especially in these summers when there's scorching heat all around one really doesn't feel like wearing a black liner in those times this lovely brown shade looks very subtle yet accentuates your eyes beautifully.... Yes! I do recommend you fellas to buy this liner, priced at INR 425/- is a nice buy and will last you a long long time 

Bout the blush, since I have oily skin I don't prefer cream blushes but as the name goes matte mousse, this blush indeed is like a mousse that once settled looks more like a powder blush but for all those wid oily skin like me I personally would not recommend it, especially if you perspire a lot and have acne, freckles or any other marks on apple of ur cheeks coz this blush highlights them. Priced at INR 375/- I would say is a good buy for those with normal or dry skin. 05 did not stay on my skin for more than 2hrs, I dunno if I can call it a con or just blame my super oily skin for the poor staying power. All in all do try it out before you splurge.

Me doing what I do best.....Nautanki!!!wearing Maybelline Swirl Gel Eyeliner in Brown&Gold and Maybelline Dream Touch Blush in 05

Rashmi Mam this is especially for you :)

Do share your views and reviews bout these products....Take Care

Lotsa Love
Priyanka :)