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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Rimmel Lipstick

Hiya Folks,
Was hunting for a blush n came across this beauty n like always knew I had to have it, that's a different story I forgot all bout the blush n bought this n a mascara instead  :P he he.
It's a lovely lippie from Rimmel, No.250 with a very catchy name " Stare At Me"  :) well it dose live upto it's name when it comes to people staring at you but that's more coz of the lovely plummy pink colour of this beauty. It's a matt finish lippie n if you have clapped or dry lips don't go for this one coz it makes ur lips look all da more dry, yes it can be teamed up with a gloss or lip balm but then it's staying power will go down to 1-2 hrs which otherwise is 5-6 hrs for me after it fades leaving behind a nice pinkish tint on ur lips.

Rimmel Lippie No.250, Stare At Me

Personally have loved the colour n defines the lips beautifully, smooth texture n a very funky outer casing in bright pink.Has a fruity smell, dn't like it very much though. 
Priced at INR 415/- is a good buy 

Can be worn during da day time, not gaudy or loud for daily wear and will suit any skin tone. 

Me flaunting this beauty, hope u liked da colour

Am doing Shravani, so eat only once a day but trust me you really start valuing food, realize how much n what you carelessly put in ur mouth at other times n also miss all the cookies n pastries that otherwise you just dig into when u need a mood life :) phewwww missing my walnut brownine with a huge dollop of ice-cream :P

Love Always
Priyanka :D