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Monday, November 11, 2013

Belated Deepawali Wishes :)

Hiya people,
Yes I'm fine and thank you all soooooo much for all the love and concern. I appologise for being away for such a huge span, life has been quite eventful in a pleasant way of course :) n lotsa things to share wid you all so lemme start by wishing you all a very Happy Belated Diwali. Hope you all had a blast... I too had a fab time celebrating Diwali with my New family, this being my very first Diwali after marriage, to my surprise I managed to cookup few traditional Maharashtrian Diwali sweets on my own. The late nights helping my mom n Aajoba Aaji ( Grandparents ) paid off. Just a small visual treat of all the snacks made by me...

Shankarpali or my version of sugar coated fritters


Keshar Rawa Ladoo

Desi Ghee Besan Ladoo

Pudachi (Layer) Karanji with fresh coconut n dryfruit filling

My all time fav Chiwdaaaaa

I also made rangoli after almost 10 years :) playing wid all the vibrant colours was sooo much fun

Laxmi Pujan

Lemme know what all did you do n how was your Diwali....send in your pics with a few lines about your experience...njoy n tc

Lotsa love
Priya :)

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Want it easy or simply lazy??

Hiya people,
Am having a gr8 day so far, sorry for da long absence but am sure you all will forgive me, da way you always do :) I was out early morning n went for grocery shopping @ Reliance mart, they have fresh veggies every morning n I love to see those crunchy greens n colourful n juicy fruits. So I hauled a 2 huge bags of around 20 kgs combined and went out to get a rick, I met more than 20 rickshawalas n not even a single one agreed to go by meter. I had to visit another store, usuall I would have ran the length but with 2 huge bags n that too ones with a very uncomfortable n flimsy hold I didnt know what to do. I was getting irritated by the minute as I met rick walas, few who just even did not wanned to shake their morning drowsiness n some who just waned it easy, I also met an old uncle n politely asked him Kaka meterse chaloge?? He made a face n said NO! I then said Subha ki shurwat toh imandarise karo! (Atleast start you day with honest earnings)...

We all keep blaming da system....the politicians...the government officials but this currupt attitude is all around us, if there was a lady with kids, someone who was injured or challenged or any senior citizen they would not have had any choice but to pay these rascals, pardon my language here. I was so annoyed that I gritted my teeth n picked both bags n walked da length of 4kms ...I was perspiring n my fingers were paining but was happy when I reached my destination. I dunno bout others but wherever n whenever I can I will do my bit n not tolerate this nonsense, hope we all responsible individuals do the same...Happy Independence Day in advance, Jai Hind! Jai Bharat!

Priya :)

p.s. On the brighter side I finished my weekly cardio n weight training in one day ;)

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Revlon Skinlights Face Illuminator in Natural Light

Revlon Skinlights Loose Powder. Available in 3 colours.
 1. Natural Light with silver shimmer for everyday use and natural looking glow.
 2. Golden Light with gold shimmer in it, beautiful for functional makeup.
 3. Bronze Light for a lovely sun kissed tan, ideal for medium to dark skin tone.

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Revlon Skinlights Face Illuminator Powder

Revlon Skinlights Face Illuminator in Natural Light

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Little packets of happiness

I started my day in a very positive way,
Breathing in the fresh morning air,
Feeling the breeze flowing through my hair,

The bright sunny sun made me smile,
I took a moment to look around for a while,

Three little puppies, in the garden they played,
A tiny toothless toddler, merrily on the swing swayed,

A beautiful pink rose bud was about to blossom,
The unusual bird on a nearby branch looked so awesome,

I thanked the lord for being blessed,
With so many daily packets of happiness!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Face Pack for Summers

Hiya Fellas,
Summers are hotter than ever adding to the irritation and skin problems. Drinking lotsa water to hydrate yourself is important but hydrating your skin is equally important since the skin becomes dry, tanned and lifeless due to exposure to heat. I have a oily skin but despite the perspiration my skin feels dry in patches n lifeless also I face a problem of sunburn due to extra sensitive skin. Other than using a good sunscreen I believe in a homemade scrub n face pack.

You need

  • Strawberries             
  • Apple                      
  • Oats                     
  • Cream                     
  • Rosewater                

Soak the oats in lil rose water for 10mins, just whisk the strawberries, apple and soaked oats in a blender, make a coarse paste, remove in a container and add lil cream, mix n apply on face, neck, arms, elbows and feet. Let it dry, scrub with wet fingertips and wash off. Since it's all natural n mild will not give any reaction, removes tan n makes me love my skin :)

Have a fab eve

Lotsa Love
Priya :)

Friday, April 5, 2013

LBT .....Phewwww what a day :O

Hiya people,
Due to the Local Body Tax aka LBT all the shops in Pune are closed from last 4 days. Today I happened to visit Reliance Mart wid my Mom n gosh it was a Mad House, the entire mall was flooded wid people piling up their trolleys wid every possible household item and groceries. I could not get a basic item like Toor Dal n    Cooking Oil :(

It was utter chaos  in da mall, also what added to my irritation was educated people behaving like a bunch of stone age hooligans  they would pick up stuff and just dump it anywhere, little kids were left to unattended and they were opening packet of chips, biscuits, chocolates, anything they knew was edible and within their grasp. Due to such huge number of people going berserk the attendants were busy helping them locate the required products at the same time billing the huge piles. The site truly made me believe in the theory that we r descendants of the apes.

I just felt sad to see civilized people behave in such manner and got a lesson, civilization, money and education dose not necessarily teach manners or a humanitarian approach.

Ur disappointed Priya :(

Friday, March 15, 2013


Hiya People,
It was my dear Grandpas B'day last week n I had blind baked a short crust pastry, filled it wid chocolate cake batter.

Topped it with chocolate ganache by melting 250 gms dark chocolate wid 100ml Amul cream n 3-4 tbs of milk. Added chopped roasted Almonds to the ganache which was of pouring consistency.

I kept the decoration very simple by just adding 4 sugar rose flower on the top 

Don't they look lovely :)

Wid the remaining cake batter I made two huge muffins :) and poured all the tempting liquidy molten chocolate on it, the muffins were super moist as u can see

 Do lemme know if you's like to know the recipes of the pastry and cake, whatcha waiting for go ahead and treat urself to a sinful chocolate cake, have a nice eve fellas :D


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Haapy Sale on Women's Day :)

Hiya friends,
Wish you all lovely, strong, caring, understanding and awesome women a Happy Women's Day!
Am so sorry have been away for quite some time, I was working on a project on retail research, who says work can't be fun :) wid a shopaholic like me researching on retail and getting an overdose of retail therapy was one of the best projects so far. So coming to the post while I was doing my research I came across many awesome products and thought of sharing my buy wid you all too, so from today onwards I'll be having a sale every week of all pocket friendly yet stylish products that I come across during my shopping sprees.
Since I will be buying these products in small quantities I request you to notify me your selection immediately.
You can comment in the box below or simply email me your selected item code on madboutmakeup@gmail.com

Todays Product for Sale are Shoulder Bags in Vibrant n Solid Colours

  • Sale is open for all Indian residents and price quoted is in Rupees
  • Product will be dispatched after order confirmation after depositing the sale amount in my account. Kindly email me the details after the transfer. 
  • The product sale is on first come first serve basis so kindly be quick to respond since the stock is very limited

I've selected a fresh green for myself, this is the pattern of the bags.

It has a classy yet sturdy wooden piece to connect the straps in the front. It adds a trendy look to the bag

Available in single pieces only so HURRY!!!
Code  Product Colour
B01       Calm Blue
B02       Cherry Red
B03       Bright Yellow
B04       Classic Black
B05       Pure White
B06       Grey Blue

These Bags are are beautiful for everyday use. Simple n Solid colours so can be teamed with ur formal n casual wear. Will go well on any outfit, Indian as well as western. Big enough to accommodate fullscape size books so even teens can flaunt them. Comes wid a zip to keep contents safe. Personally I think it's a lovely bag and due to it's fresh colours and versatility I've picked these for the Women's Day Sale, after all a women's bag is her best friend, don't u agree :)

Price Rs.350/- per piece + Rs.50/- Shipping charges.

You can gift it to the important woman in your life or just pamper yourself wid a gift that's lite on the pocket Have a fab day and Happy Shopping

Your Shopaholic Nut
Priya :)

Friday, February 8, 2013

Movie Review of ABCD

Hiya All.
The movie ABCD is a breath of fresh air, being a dancer it is like a dream come true to finally watch a movie that is loaded wid Dance....Dance...n more Dance :) Any Body Can Dance is packed wid superb dancers n familiar faces from DID (Dance India Dance) There is a dancer in all of us, Big...Small...Young...Old...we have jigged at some point in our life n cherish those moments....ABCD awakens that dancer withing us all, it's a fast paced movie that promises to keep you entertained till the last scene...rather the last dance ;)

The story is of a Dance teacher who is forced to quit his academy that he has so painstakingly brought to fruition n then embarks on a journey to once again seek n teach those wid potential n will to rise from the ashes n make their mark...follow their dream 

Do make it a point to watch this movie, it's a must watch n plz do watch it in theatre, I feel it's the least we can do for the genuine efforts taken in this movie, also it will be a tribute to all the legendary dancers who have thought us a Way Of Life.....DANCE!

N don't miss Prabhu deva .... like always he is SUPERB!! 

Dance Away...Ur Veryyyyyyyyyy Happy Priya :D

Friday, January 25, 2013

Random Thoughts....

I'm sitting by the window, a rare occasion when I get time to reflect on the lil things in life that I mite fail to notice in my daily grind. I was in a hurry yesterday n careless as I am I cut my right thumb in my hurry to wash a very sharp knife. My aunt was petrified to see blood in that amount flow due to the huge gash n applied Haldi on it. Thankfully it stopped bleeding in 5 mins n I resumed my chores but every time I did something it would start bleeding again. I don't wanna share this but before I proceeded it was important I shared the incident so you could understand my thoughts that follow...
..I did many things yesterday and was able to notice how a tiny gash effected my ability to do the daily chores. I was unable to wash my hand for starters, I could not stir the curry with my right hand since you need a thumb to hold a spoon... I went ahead to comb my hair but again I faced a problem holding my brush that again requires a thumb.

I encountered many such challenging moments like opening a Halls packet, squeezing a lemon, holding a pen to write....opening and closing the lid of a bottle of water, eating a chapati.. I couldn't even twist my lipstick :P... I love bowling n was looking forward to a good game wid friends but could not do that too.... there is nothing I'm trying to say from this post other than my deepest appreciation and gratitude for being blessed with a healthy body, all other problems feel so insignificant when I realize how lucky I am...

Just a small cut could limit my actions which makes me think how thousands of people overcome their disabilities, how millions of people take on every challenge life throws at them n still move on... I feel lucky n wanna spend every moment njoying this blessing called LIFE :) For all those reading this just wanna wish you  all a Happy n Healthy Life, Njoy it to the fullest coz Life Rocks!!! :D

Have a magical day!

Lotsa Smiles 
Priya :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dil Toh Bachaa Hi Jee :)

Hiya People,
Am in Mumbai at my aunts place n again I understand my fascination for colours, it's genetic, I was sipping a hot mug of ginger tea today morning n I happen to notice all the colours around me. No there r no kids in the house but still my Aunt has decorated here house in such a lively n colourful manner that I couldn't help myself from sharing few pics with you all..Njoy :)
Hall with colourful cabinets 

Multicoloured Bedroom Cabinets

Laundry Bag :)

Door Mat :D

Spoons, cups, bowls ...even the lemon squeezer is a bright blue :P

Bright Lemon Yellow Kitchen Cabinets :)

Flowers of All Kinds...everywhere...:):):):)

Curtain Holders

Bathroom Brushes :P

The best part was whn I asked for a pen n stapler I got this :P

The entire house is full of colour n such cute elements that you every place you look it just makes you smile, this place dose give me a feeling of a holiday home, bright n cheery, am having a fab time chilling out here, writing n shopping :) I feel like a kid again :D do lemme know what you liked the most from all the above cuties.. will be off to bed now n look around ur house am sure you will find sumthing that will make you smile :) Life Rocks!!!


Bachii Priya :)