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Friday, February 8, 2013

Movie Review of ABCD

Hiya All.
The movie ABCD is a breath of fresh air, being a dancer it is like a dream come true to finally watch a movie that is loaded wid Dance....Dance...n more Dance :) Any Body Can Dance is packed wid superb dancers n familiar faces from DID (Dance India Dance) There is a dancer in all of us, Big...Small...Young...Old...we have jigged at some point in our life n cherish those moments....ABCD awakens that dancer withing us all, it's a fast paced movie that promises to keep you entertained till the last scene...rather the last dance ;)

The story is of a Dance teacher who is forced to quit his academy that he has so painstakingly brought to fruition n then embarks on a journey to once again seek n teach those wid potential n will to rise from the ashes n make their mark...follow their dream 

Do make it a point to watch this movie, it's a must watch n plz do watch it in theatre, I feel it's the least we can do for the genuine efforts taken in this movie, also it will be a tribute to all the legendary dancers who have thought us a Way Of Life.....DANCE!

N don't miss Prabhu deva .... like always he is SUPERB!! 

Dance Away...Ur Veryyyyyyyyyy Happy Priya :D