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Friday, April 5, 2013

LBT .....Phewwww what a day :O

Hiya people,
Due to the Local Body Tax aka LBT all the shops in Pune are closed from last 4 days. Today I happened to visit Reliance Mart wid my Mom n gosh it was a Mad House, the entire mall was flooded wid people piling up their trolleys wid every possible household item and groceries. I could not get a basic item like Toor Dal n    Cooking Oil :(

It was utter chaos  in da mall, also what added to my irritation was educated people behaving like a bunch of stone age hooligans  they would pick up stuff and just dump it anywhere, little kids were left to unattended and they were opening packet of chips, biscuits, chocolates, anything they knew was edible and within their grasp. Due to such huge number of people going berserk the attendants were busy helping them locate the required products at the same time billing the huge piles. The site truly made me believe in the theory that we r descendants of the apes.

I just felt sad to see civilized people behave in such manner and got a lesson, civilization, money and education dose not necessarily teach manners or a humanitarian approach.

Ur disappointed Priya :(