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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Little packets of happiness

I started my day in a very positive way,
Breathing in the fresh morning air,
Feeling the breeze flowing through my hair,

The bright sunny sun made me smile,
I took a moment to look around for a while,

Three little puppies, in the garden they played,
A tiny toothless toddler, merrily on the swing swayed,

A beautiful pink rose bud was about to blossom,
The unusual bird on a nearby branch looked so awesome,

I thanked the lord for being blessed,
With so many daily packets of happiness!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Face Pack for Summers

Hiya Fellas,
Summers are hotter than ever adding to the irritation and skin problems. Drinking lotsa water to hydrate yourself is important but hydrating your skin is equally important since the skin becomes dry, tanned and lifeless due to exposure to heat. I have a oily skin but despite the perspiration my skin feels dry in patches n lifeless also I face a problem of sunburn due to extra sensitive skin. Other than using a good sunscreen I believe in a homemade scrub n face pack.

You need

  • Strawberries             
  • Apple                      
  • Oats                     
  • Cream                     
  • Rosewater                

Soak the oats in lil rose water for 10mins, just whisk the strawberries, apple and soaked oats in a blender, make a coarse paste, remove in a container and add lil cream, mix n apply on face, neck, arms, elbows and feet. Let it dry, scrub with wet fingertips and wash off. Since it's all natural n mild will not give any reaction, removes tan n makes me love my skin :)

Have a fab eve

Lotsa Love
Priya :)