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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Life Truly Rocks :) Part II

Life Truly Rocks :) Part I ( Click to view post )

Hiya people :)
Am so happy to hear from you people n some of you have asked me how was the experience of doing crazy things like skydiving n bungee. Also few think I am a very brave individual :) well I just feel like repeating the mountain due ad that says " Gala sabka sukhta hai, darr sabko lagta hai, par darr ke aage jeet hai!" Jada filmi hogaya na :P Honestly yups I was really nervous when I did those things but I let the kid inside me take control rather than the adult who analyses every aspect, considers the rpos n cons n then takes a calculated risk. As a kid I remember I never thought twice before playing in the mud, jumping from the compound wall, playing with street dogs, dancing in the rain, eating samosas n chocolates (I still don't when it comes to chocolates n samosas :P) or laughing loudly... so coming to your question yups I do get nervous doing those crazy adventures but not coz something mite go wrong, that thought never crosses my mind...never did n never will.

Ohhh I also did few normal yet exciting things on my holiday, one of which am sure we all always dream of...visiting the chocolate and cheese factory in Switzerland :) There is a train called Chocolate Train that takes you to the chocolate and cheese factories and if you plan to visit Switzerland this is something you shouldn't miss.

 A comfortable journey in Chocolate Train

Cheese Factory at Gruyeres 

Unlimited chocolate treat at Cailler Chocolate Factory :):):):):):)

I am a dreamer and so my list of dreams never seems to end, being a mumbaikar the one thing that I had never experienced is snowfall, playing in the snow... making a snowman :) n that's exactly what I enjoyed on my trip to Jungfrau, the top most point in Europe and Glacier 3000.

Lots more to share with ya all in my next post till then have a superrrrrrrr se bhi uparrrrr day

Priya :)

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Life Truly Rocks :) part I

Hey Friends,
Had been very busy for a long time and finally me n my husband decided to take a much needed break. Like every human being I too have had few crazy ambitions in life but was unable to fulfill them due to various reasons. I am an adventure lover but a busy schedule and family life limits most of us to routine. We both decided to take a break in filmi style so this trip was a blend of our favourite movies DDLJ, my fav movie and Zindagi na milegi dobara, my husbands. The destination as you must've guessed was Switzerland and Paris ( How could I leave the fashion capital out ;D ).

I did crazy things that I have never done in my life before and hers a glimpse of what I did :)

We set out with a pair of backpacks instead of those sophisticated trolley bags n boy am glad we did that, travelling was a lot easier with those. I loved the Swiss transport system. Trains and buses were spot on time and its very easy to move around as every destination is very clearly mentioned on the respective stations and bus stops. Its best to explore Switzerland via their public transport. 

Biking after 12years n that too mountain biking was a dream come true in that chilled n clean Swiss air :)

Am a good swimmer buy again it's been ages since I got into water and rafting in chilled waters for over 2hrs was the most exciting start to my trip. The best was diving in chilled Thun lake n swimming to the shore. The moment I hit the waters I was shocked due to the temperature that almost choked me but also was surprised at how quickly my body adapted to not just the temperature but also water as I swam to the sure n enjoyed the swim :D phewwwww

Doing bungee has been a childhood dream but the hight of 500ft is enough to make one nervous, top it with a chilling wind blowing on ur face.... the drop n then the relization...this is it...OMG finally am doing it, a bungee jump...something that I always wanned to do...

WoooooHoooooo!!!!Here I goooooooo...

The one more thing that I waned to do was Skydiving, yeah I know by now you're thinking I have gone insane :P

The moment the plane takes off and after 15mins we were circling a snow covered mountain time stood still as I was told we jump in 30 seconds. The plane door opened and WOOOOOSSSSSSHHHH! a super chilling wind hit me hard... I could see the clouds below and it's just nerve wracking when the wind at 15000ft hits you. Again the feeling....THIS IS IT......AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! was all I could hear....I was falling at a crazy speed n my arms failed to slice the wind n then Zaaaaappppp the shoot opened n silence......

OHHHHH WOW! The noise turned to silence as I removed my goggles n saw the scene that was below me. Beautiful...I could feel every heartbeat and I couldn't stop smiling...I wish could make time stand still...It was a moment that somewhere changed me inside... I felt lucky...I felt happy and I felt blessed... thank you is all I said...."Mere honepe mujhko yakeen aagaya"

For those who have crazy dreams like me....just go ahead, turn them into a reality and trust me there is nothing that will make you happier than living your dreams, stronger that conquering your fears and complete than smiling at the hurdles life throws at you. Life truly rocks :D

Your Priya :)

Monday, June 9, 2014

My latest haul

Hiya fellas,
OMG! It's been ages since I shared my experiences wid ya all n am so so sorry for being away that long. I wont dish out all the excuses for being away but yeah am super excited to share my latest haul from Zurich n Paris wid ya all. I had been away on a 9 day vacation wid my husband and this indeed has been my dream vacation. I've done all the adventures that I always use to dream of doing...skydiving...bungee...river rafting, mountain biking n what not. Lots to share wid ya all but for now will share my haul wid ya all.

I was clicking pictures in Paris n happened to land in front of a Sephora store..... AAAAHHHHHHHH! My first ever visit to Sephora.... it was like visiting Disneyland :) just went around the store ooohiiing n aaahhhhing n swatching anything and everything.... I already have a pile of lippies that will last me a lifetime but still when I saw the lipsticks.... droool droool drooooool :P  I wish all my GF's were there to share this experience wid me...can't put into words, the only thing i can do is smile....n smile :D

This is the best primer I've ever come across and regret not hoarding more of this amazing stuff :)

Other than that I also had a calorie overload with hadcrafted swiss n french chocolates... I walked the streets around Eiffel tower chowing these down n making alarming noises...Ummmmmm....Yummmmm....Annnnn :D what! seriously they were just soooooo gud :):):):)

Priya :)